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  1. Does anyone out there have advice on attending a graduation ceremony - for an online M.Ed.? I took a distance course and now it's time to decide. I would have to fly over for the day (2 hr flight). I was wondering if anyone thought it was worth it to attend, even though it would be the first time setting foot 'on campus'. Any insights?
  2. I am curious about what decision you took? I applied to this program 3 years in a row (2010-13) and was denied each time. I was in a similar situation as yours. I had many years of SLPA experience and excellent letters of recommendations. My profile was exactly what the program required. I did an excellent job in all the prerequisite courses and even completed an additional minor in linguistics. They did not value this in my candidacy. Nor did they value my feedback when I appealed their decision. I was told to REDO my BACHELORS if I wanted a chance! I was also told that even if I had a m
  3. Well, i got the email exactly 1 month after initially submitting my application. I was offered a place!
  4. did you get accepted? How long did they take to let you know? I am also interested in schools in DE
  5. Try applying outside the US. Good luck!
  6. UF, ST.Leo, other Florida schools and Texas also offer but I have read that you require a teaching license before starting.
  7. For leisure "The Unlikely Pilgramage of Harold Fry" by Rachel Joyce
  8. Any Birmi's out there? I'm dying to know if I'm one too!
  9. So just wondering how long it took to receive a reply after you submitted your masters application to Univ of Birmingham, UK? Was it emailed, on your profile or via snail mail? I applied to an online program, school of education. Thanks!
  10. Be aware that in Miami I see a trend in offering hourly vs salary. $45+/ hr (ranges based on skills, years of experience).
  11. What about just doing a linguistics certificate? A masters would only be useful if you pan to continue researching in your professional career. Most slp programs focus on other areas and seem to not value these types of extra education (I don't know why?!) but that is what my advisor said at FIU. She actually recommended I redo a bachelors over a masters in linguistics. I left dumbfounded. Also, there are many online certificates that you could complete that might strengthen your application.
  12. It depends on your program. I had friends who worked in the mornings and took classes at night. When you do your internship there is a slim chance you can work.
  13. Anyone applying to any online masters programs in literacy, language or dyslexia?
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