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  1. Hi friend. FYI this thread is a few years old, so probably not the best place to find current applicants. If you go to the Earth Science home page, there's a thread for 2019 applicants, linked here. Results can be found on www.thegradcafe.com where there is a box for you to enter search terms. You might try "Berkeley" or "earth" or "Berkeley Earth" to see all results for UC Berkeley, regardless of field; all earth science results, regardless of school; and UCB Earth & Planetary Sciences department-specific results. Please don't follow recent trends, and use the results board as a foru
  2. For which Stanford department? And are you at Cornell? Interesting setup, I'll be curious to see if they stick with the individual visit thing.
  3. Update on this: I'm messaging you now, but decided it might actually be useful for other people to know re Cornell. My visit was suggested a couple weeks ago by my POI, but I was given a choice of dates so it seems very individualized. (A bit upsetting too: I like to meet my future cohort.) I know next to nothing about how many rounds of admits they do, etc. Identifying details like POI name I'll keep for the PM.
  4. Yeah I think you are likely in. Most places the dept selects you but then the official bureaucratic graduate school has to approve that you meet their minimum standards. Only a couple times have I heard of people not passing that stage, or the opposite: the graduate school tells you you meet their minimum standards but it isn't meant to be interpreted as an actual admission to the program.
  5. I've done both, it usually seems to have no impact on the decision so sadly I'd say to just (Netflix and) chill. Like my Stanford app still says incomplete lol, I asked and they copy pasted the FAQ at me even though it only says they take all of January to sort out documents (I emailed second week of February). Never saw such snark before. No idea what they meant regarding Stanford, that's what I was commenting on too (hadn't seen anything about geological sciences). I don't know much but i'll message you later today about Cornell. Thanks for the congrats
  6. Harvard decisions came out last week if I remember, visit days are in three weeks (3/7-8) and I don't think we usually see a second round, sorry
  7. Hey gang, geoscientist here. My last 2 app cycles, I've told the Earth Science forum about a resource I use to help weigh the values of offers, and figured I'd share for all. It's www.phdstipends.com, there's details about offers people get (though sometimes the reporting is weird, like people include tuition value in the stipend dollar amount lol) and how that compares to the living wage (not sure how accurate this is, but still). Anyway, I've found it a good first order resource for determining how badly I'll penny pinch during school - hope it's useful. Also, NerdWallet cost of living calcu
  8. One other PSA: I've said this in the past, but a resource I've found helpful is www.phdstipends.com - I'm in no way affiliated, but my partner and I used this to help estimate how far my stipend would go. It can really help you figure out whether financial stress will weigh on you over the course of grad studies, which I definitely have found to be bad enough without having to pinch pennies. Also consider adding your own data to it, like I do, so it remains up to date. There's also cost of living estimators, such as that provided by NerdWallet that can help. Lastly, I know this is shoutin
  9. Rice usually goes after top people mid January, but not sure how long they roll the admits out. Still, I'd say less and less likely with each passing week Oregon usually admits first 2 weeks of Feb, rejects in first week or two of March.
  10. figured WHOI was done - there was that batch of admits last week that seems to be par for the course for them, but Stanford surprises me... there's been no peep about Geological Sciences. They seem like a weird dept though (heavy oil focus, big on the geophysics and ESS) so who am I to know. How are you so up to speed with these programs?
  11. On mobile so can't seem to get rid of the quote box. Anyway, I did mine in front a laptop so I felt comfortable looking up something if I needed. More importantly, it let me have a doc of bullet points that I wanted to be sure I touched on, out included in my app so I could make sure I heard close to the story I had projected in my statement so I would sound more coherent and be reminded of how to show my interests and how everything I've done, whether intentional or not, helped me get to the point I'm at. Include also any details you don't want to forget like thesis results if yo
  12. who got the UCSB admit? I only got invited out, never actually accepted. Curious to know why there's also only the 1 ASU result so far. Would love either poster to PM me!
  13. This is really hard to hear, but I think the silver lining is that you should be glad the POI didn't take you on. As someone transferring institutions because of a bad advisor fit and no other lab to switch into, I wish I had heeded warnings more prior to coming here so I wouldn't have lost 3 years and some confidence. You'll end up in a place that's a great fit, where someone cares about you, meshes well with you, and will work with you for whatever is your goal at the end of the PhD. Don't be afraid to have a frank discussion to this end with prospective advisors; it can make all the differe
  14. where else did you apply @rocksandstuff? you never posted a profile
  15. Maybe -- but for example, Harvard EPS has moved to GRE optional stance to my knowledge because of how standardized tests add cost to applicants and only vouch for things like socioeconomic status, both of which reduce diversity. As someone who got into Harvard with a terrible undergrad record, I'm much more convinced it's the statement that makes the biggest difference in any package. If you have a clear goal for what you want to do, how your trajectory has prepared you for that work, and how this slots into your present view of your long-term aims, you're okay. Add in what benefit the departm
  16. Going for MS or PhD? Because at least when I applied to NAU I think it was masters only, but u could've been wrong/maybe it was for different departments
  17. Undergrad Institution: SLACMajor(s): geoGPA in Major: 3.0x (3.14 cumulative) Type of Student: dwm GRE Scores: 161/162/4.5 (Q/V/W) Research Experience: masters, current PhD student applying to transferAwards/Honors/Recognitions: one award, one GSA grant, 2 scholarshipsPertinent Activities or Jobs: 7x TA over 3 degree programs, 1 y industry after ugAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: paper soon to be submitted, 11 conference abstracts, some workshops, outreach and service professionally and in deptApplying to Where:MIT/WHOI, Brown, Cornell, ASU, UCSD, UCSB, Stanfo
  18. Yeezus here should get accepted for user name alone
  19. Harvard accepts should come soon ish: they usually sit around 1 Feb, and visit days this year are 7-8 March. Who's your poi?
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