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  1. Hello all! After what was a riveting and enlightening 2014 application season, I found myself luckily accepted into a Classical Archaeology (Greek emphasis) Masters program. I honestly do not know how it happened, mainly because I have not had an ounce of archaeology or theory based classes. At any rate, I need to prepare myself for the rapidly advancing Fall semester, but I would like to arrive prepared. Does anyone who has taken a decent Intro to Classical Archaeology class have any recommendations for a good introductory text on the subject? I would like something the covers field metho
  2. Hey guys - This website has been so helpful in research and guidance for the craziness that is finding a graduate school. I have one final question to ask of my fellow Classicists. I have been offered admittance to the University of Alberta and the CU Boulder, but here's the kicker - no funding for either program. My research speciality is in gender in Classical Greek art - but this has been mostly from self study, and what I am hoping to get from my masters is a thorough grounding in general classical art and archaeology (and lanugages). There are so many factors contributing to any p
  3. Hey there! I'm pretty sure that I will be attending (if the funding falls through for my other school)! I think a trip to the Dushanbe Teahouse would be a great place to host a general meeting!
  4. I did the same thing on Wednesday, and got almost the exact same response. "Soon" is such a convenient word for these guys. Good luck to everyone sitting out the wait!
  5. I had to contact my department (History and Classics) to get any update on my admission status. Good news came back, so maybe emailing the department head would help?
  6. Hey there fellow Classicists! I am wondering what the person who got into UBC's Classics is focusing on, and also who contacted them? Thanks for any feedback!! =D
  7. Agreed. I applied to 11 as well, and I think I made everyone's lives around me hell.
  8. Same experience here ! Let's hope that, like the Oracle of Delphi, our visions bring truth with them!
  9. Classical Greek Art: Portrayals of the Male Figure (So much fun! )
  10. Bon chance to everyone! Anyone else apply to Stanford? They said they should be getting back by Feb 1st. Oh my lord, let the torture begin - and watch the dominos fall.
  11. Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far! Condivi was right in their reading that I would like to do my emphasis on Classical Art. The fact of the matter is that, like everyone else, I hold a particular fondess for the Italian Renaissance, and I would like to take some quality classes and possibly minor in the subject if I so desired. Overall though, my heart lies in Greece. JosephineB, I really appreciated your comment - I should present myself as focused and serious on my applications, so that is a valuable piece of advice. I do in fact read Attic Greek, as the language its
  12. Hello all! I am an undergrad senior currently looking around for potential MA or PhD programs to apply to for the Fall 2014 school year, in the areas of Classical Art and Archaeology (mostly pertaining to Classical Greece and the Ancient Aegean), or Italian Renaissance/Mannerism. Ideally, I would love to end up in Johns Hopkins' Classical Art and Archaeology PhD program, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of schools that are strong in both Italian and Ancient Greek art history, and any professors that make these schools particularly worthwhile. Thanks for any advice you can send m
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