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  1. Hi dears, I am doing this paper now on second hand smoke on women and children, in a context where women rarely smoke but often exposed to smoke. The interesting is it seems society concerns women smoking/drug/alcohol from a totally different viewpoint than male. I remember there should be a plenty of feminism or social constructionism study on how society and policy emphasize the importance of women and children to be healthy, pure, to be protected. If men harm men is fine, but if men harm women and children they evoke moral decry. Can any of you suggest some papers or theory on that?
  2. Do I have to have a Master
  3. Hey local guys, I'm international applicant this year. You all have a wonderful record!! I will be graduated from BA program in sociology in 2010, and haven't yet contact with proferssor so far. The only thing cheers me up is my papers, hope they help. Do you have any recommendation for medical sociology or health sociology? It's my primary concern, I guess I would do it combined with social network analysis, maybe epidemiology too. Basically, I chose Duke, OhioSU, SUNY SB, FSU, Columbia now. I have really been depressed these days because of the damned application. I don't see if there's chance or not. The worst thing for me is I don't know much of graduate system as you guys do, and how they operate in selecting applicants.
  4. It's uncommon case, but I really have been working with my dad, he's a professor in social science. we and others cooperated papers, also 2 projects. But I am very puzzled to mention him in my Statement. One way, the comittee may be delighted to see that I was brought up in a scholaric family. But I fear anything that may hint nepotism, sometimes people can't help thinking whether there was any nepotism between us. How do you think it will go in these 2 direction? Good family atmosphere or Nepotism? should I mention him in application?
  5. They told me medical sociology is hot these days, too many people are applying. But I didn't even found an official ranking regarding to med soc. Nor from US News or Times. Anyone to help? It's my curiosity too.
  6. I don't see too much merit in emailing faculty, since unlike science and engeneer programme, art and social science admission is decided by commitee, sole intention from a professor is not that helpful. Unless you are so intimate, or have been known deeply, don't account on faculty, I have to say./
  7. Jang

    Seems disencouraging?

    Goodness, it's very helpful, thanks for your reply. But I found 50% for a research proposal may be lengthy? Previous experiences and fitness would occupy much more than 40%, so far as I found in writing a draft of statement. And most of time, proposal could be actually divided into other paragraphs like experiences, intent of study. American schools don't really require a proposal as U.K and Australian schools do. Isnt it?
  8. I mean the macro situatioin, the financial crisis, certainly has significant implication on our application. California is dying, I guess the negative consequence on education will not be small. Public universities have to cut down their budget, and actually these are UC series(I'm informed by one senior relative who works in UCSD) Those are just prelude, actually what I want you to help is with my background~~~ GRE:650+780+3.0. AW sucks to the hell, but no time to take another now. so i can't repent. However, I got papers in english, but not as 1st author, I'm 2nd and 3rd and 5th. GPA 3.69, major gpa could be more than 3.8. mediocre LoR~no big figures. Now I'm worrying about the Statement. Do you guys write it straightforwardly, I mean, list your reasons/activities/capacity and interests. Or make it rather complex, in a manner like literature? Statement is obfuscating! You have to organize your experiences meticulously, they stuck there even if they are just at hand.
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