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  1. It is so difficult. If you have the option, try to keep scheduled hours at your office on campus. It helps keep a line between work and not work. I don't have a good work space at school, so I am home a lot. :/
  2. As a person who probably has undiagnosed ADD, research alone has been hell. No structure, lack of built in socialization, less in common with a group of people, these things have made it more difficult now. Plus, there is not the excuse of coursework to put off research.
  3. I really like PDF Max Pro 3. I had another one that I used, but for some reason (I can't remember now), I switched over and never looked back. It has all the features.
  4. I have had a 16 gb since 2011, I think. I am usually able to keep it about 1/2 full, but I don't store very much on it. When I had classes, it was very useful to take notes and keep articles. Now that I am ABD, I mostly use it as a Netflix viewer more than anything. I am more of a paper article person though, so I tend to print everything out anyway. Favorite apps: Evernote!!!! iAWriter-It is beautiful. So clean, so easy to use. Yes to the bluetooth keyboard. I bought mine online for about $20. Never had a problem. For PDFs, I like PDF Max 3 Pro. You can write on the PDFs, type o
  5. Hello all, Quite a few years ago, I was on this board, gaining lots of insight on the application and waiting process. The info and support was invaluable! I am now a fifth year graduate student, working on my PhD. WooHoo!! For my dissertation, I am learning about how recent college graduates get their first jobs (or get into grad school ) out of college. I have surveyed recent college grads. Now I am in the process of interviewing parents. I am looking for parents of children who graduated with a BA from an American University between 2008-2014. If you are a parent: did your child gr
  6. Hi everyone, I am 42 and I have been in grad school for 3 years now. I got my master's in Jan and I am pressing on for the PhD. Probably 3 years left. I was a stay at home mom who decided to try college at 35. The impostor syndrome is strong: I was a stay at home mom with no career experience, and my husband has always been in restaurant work. So, no money, no business capital. It has been hard but I love it. My boys are 12, 15, and 16. We are homeschooling the youngest two this yard, because I guess the whole thing wasn't difficult enough already? This semester had been the hardest of
  7. I guess definitions of cohort vary by program. I am in a cohort based program. All that has meant in my experience is that we are on roughly the same timeline. We had three required courses per semester the first year (1 of those was 1 credit) that everyone in our cohort took, but sometimes those classes would have people from outside our department in them. Each semester we also got to take one elective. After the first year, we were no longer bound to any class requirements. I would go for months without seeing certain people from my cohort in my 2nd and 3rd years. And our cohort was 9 peopl
  8. Bigwords.com checks lots of different sites including half.com, amazon, abebooks, textbooks.com, and several others. They figure in shipping and give you the best combined price. I use a combination of purchased books, rented books, and library books to bring the cost down.
  9. I will share some more of my favorite apps. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/listomatic/id507098896?mt=8 I love this one because it has a very simple display and I can add photos, so I put pretty pictures as a kind of a reward and incentive to check my to-do list Health Habits. I snagged this one when it was free one day. In grad school, it is so easy to let things like exercise and flossing falll by the wayside, so this is an easy way to stay on track/ http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/healthy-habits-premium-health/id436854069?mt=8 Speaking of which-Calorie Counter. Track food and exerci
  10. Like this? http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myscript-memo/id446368116?mt=8 I use this and it understands my horrible handwriting!
  11. I don't write full papers on it, I can't use zotero, and I too like to have many windows at once when writing. However, I will write entire pieces of a paper on it and then save to dropbox or email it to myself and finish on the laptop. I am not in math and science, so I can't speak to that.
  12. I got my iPad the first day the new ones came out. It has been my main take-to-school computer. For pdf reading, I use GoodNotes. I can highlight, write, or type on any page, in the margins or on the text. I can also add blank (or lined or graph) pages in the document for more notes. It has a nice looking bookshelf. For in class notes, I use Notability. I can handwrite my notes, type them, or speak them. I find handwriting to be the quickest. I have a Bamboo stylus that I love. With Notability, I can also hit the record button and record the professor so if I miss something, I can listen a s
  13. I have 3 kids and a husband who came along for the ride. My kids are older, the youngest was in 4th grade when I started. It is tough but doable. The bad part is the cost of living. I got into a sweet program in Chicago but turned it down in favor of middle of nowhere. It was about the same stipend but there was no way we could afford Chicaog on it. Which was a bummer because it was a better program.
  14. Hi, I don't have time to read the whole of your statement. But I am not crazy about your opening and closing paragraphs. The first two sentences come across as awkward to me. Also, in your first sentence you say you are beckoned by sociology. Of course you are, that's why you are applying to graduate school! And the last paragraph sounds like you are kissing up and giving too much information. Good luck, the application process is a horrible one!
  15. I am a mile and a half. I walk to school most days. I am also on the bus route. The things I love about my neighborhood: it is NOT in the college area. My town is really small and dominated by the uni, but even at my distance, I am out of party and trash strewn zone. I am in an area with a lot of houses and most of my neighbors are families or singles who work at the school. There are some students, but it is a really quiet area. Also, I am a block from downtown. This gives me the ability to go to bars, shops, and restaurants that are not affiliated with the campus (although usually full of st
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