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  1. Does your bedroom get sunlight? I wake up much easier when there is morning sun coming in, so I try to open the shades way up if I know I have something important to get up for the next morning. I also have a "failsafe" alarm set in another room besides the bedroom so I have to physically get up to silence it. I downloaded an app for android which makes me do a math problem in order to silence the alarm.
  2. Best of luck to those who turned in applications this month!

  3. I'll guess some kind of mining feature, little quarries maybe, since they are spaced so regularly and if I look really close I can see what looks like roads between the dots........ ?
  4. that's what I always do... Write the formal title in the first email, then 99% of the time they sign it with their first name. Then I write back, "Thanks, Firstname, etc..." to make the transition easier when I have to say it out loud.
  5. If you are interested in pathogenic microbiology, schools which have combined microbiology/immunology PhDs should be good for you (since pathogens and immune responses go hand in hand). Of course every program is different, and each program should list requirements on their website or be willing to send you that information. For my search, I knew I was more interested in environmental micro than pathogenic micro so combined immunology programs were obviously not appropriate. I did not want to be bogged down in immuno coursework, knowing I am not interested in pathogenesis or mammalian host systems at all. I guess think hard about the type of lab you want to be in, the type of research you ultimately want to do, and ask if having an immunology component to your curriculum is a help or a hindrance to your goal. Also think about the size of the programs... a school with 12 labs that is ~half Immunology would have left me with only 6 to choose from, but this might not matter to you. A larger program with 24 labs would not have bothered me as much if half the labs were Immuno focused since I would still have 12 potential labs of interest. Just DON'T go to a school that only has one PI or lab you are interested in The more potential labs the greater chance you have for 6 years of happiness and good fit. Last, I suppose if you want to teach it would open up more job prospects if you could be hired to teach Microbiology and Immunology courses...... It's all about what's right for you. Sorry for rambling.
  6. For my research notebooks I use Pigma Micron 0.45mm by Sakura. It's archival quality pigment based, not dye based, ink that won't fade or run if anything gets spilled on it. And I have spilled buffers, etc on it! Works great and writes pretty nice too.
  7. I have to politely disagree, I don't think that stating that one is transgender is akin to stating sexual orientation. It is why the poster wants to study this field, so why not mention it? If he had cancer, and it inspired him to study oncology or diabetes and it inspired him to study that, it would be worth mentioning and not tacky. I think it is the same animal.
  8. you're in good shape. Your stats are competitive and it sounds like you really know what you want and you are prepared for the demands of grad school. Make sure your statement makes it clear that you're mature and focused. Remember, you don't have anything to apologize for in your career path.. you've done a lot of amazing things. As to your list, it looks very similar to what I had in mind and I have similar interests. Maybe give UC Davis a look and NCSU or UNC Chapel Hill. Those got kicked off my list early but you might love something they have to offer. ahem... and... Madison is great!
  9. While it is true that you can find collaborators on the internet, conferences allow you to make personal connections with other scientists and I don't think that will go out of style anytime soon. And it is really fun to see Dr. X, who you have cited a million times drinking margaritas and dancing badly A lot of meetings offer travel scholarships, and your institution probably has some funds for that type of thing. Going through the process of getting reimbursed is sometimes a hassle, but it beats paying your own money.
  10. I used the "international version" for my organic chemistry class in undergrad. The only difference I noticed was it was softcover instead of hardcover. All of the text and end of chapter questions were identical to the "US version." Here's a site that explains a bit about what these versions are all about: http://www.textbooksrus.com/books/information/ieinformation.aspx. Good luck!
  11. First week is over, my to-do list says "read read read" :)

  12. First week is over, my to-do list says "read read read" :)

  13. Actually I think there is a get together at the old union Rathskellar as part of the event. We are going to need a secret code to recognize each other, like wear a red hat.. though red will be confusing since there is a football game next week and everyone will be in red.
  14. Indeed... I want to go if only to meet students from other departments! Maybe we can do a TGC coffee afterward.
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