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  1. YEEEE. Is one of them named Micah? Because then they must have perfect cleavage. Also metamorphism: it's hot and heavy.
  2. You may want to check out Environmental Organic Chemistry by Schwarzenbach. There's a whole community of people who study the stuff you've mentioned, and the work is done not only in chemistry departments, but also in civil/environmental engineering and geosciences/hydrology.
  3. rocks! rocks everywhere!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. waddle


      not this year :( but I will do it next year! (I hope.) are you?!

    3. katerific


      no :( but I have a bunch of friends who are already posting about it.... so jelly! so much geobio!

    4. waddle


      I don't know anyone doing Geobio this year but I know a few peeps who are doing CMORE, which sounds awesome ... but I'd still take Catalina + Yellowstone over Hawaii any day!

  4. shameless repost from reddit. EDIT: caption: The right way to do field work.
  5. if you're just visiting department spaces / labs / offices, I hardly see how you could be mistaken for a high school student. And if you're visiting anywhere else on campus, I'd be surprised if anyone cares enough to stop you and ask / can actually tell you're not a student there.
  6. Boomhauer, how about contacting a few professors at UGA/etc. directly? I think they might generally be more willing to spend some time talking with you and pointing you in the right direction. Perhaps you could even get your hands dirty with a research project. Also, I would agree that doing a major in a basic science (bio, chem, phys) would be much more beneficial if you see yourself as wanting to go to grad school in the Earth sciences (remember that this field is not all about rocks! I don't know gneiss from schist, but I'm still definitely part of the geoscience community), especially
  7. seems like every other textbook I come across is titled "Name of (Sub)Field: Principles and Applications" ... if I ever write a textbook I swear I will title it "FALCONPAWNCH: This Book is teh Awesome, andhasnothingtodowithvideogames" /rant
  8. Among the students I know, basically none of them spend a significant amount of time in the interwebs. The most internetz-y place they frequent is probably Reddit. In my experience, the average geoscience student is more outdoorsy / extroverted than students in other fields of science with which I'm familiar. But perhaps I'm just not hanging out with the right group of people.
  9. Get rid of the smartphone now and you could save yourself a load of stress and money once you start grad school. I dunno about you but I prefer not to be anxiously awaiting the next email from my advisor or some whiny undergrad.
  10. Never thought it'd be just as exciting seeing the admissions process from the other end. Congrats all who've been accepted! Do consider sticking around the Earth Sci. forum; it can get pretty lonely here sometimes.
  11. Have you been accepted? If so, it doesn't really matter. I showed up to two snowy school visits (one post-acceptance, one pre-) in jeans and a pair of battered sneakers. At the time, I didn't own any boots, and those were the warmest shoes I had (though I did bring along a pair of nicer shoes). I wasn't accepted to the latter school, but probably not for reasons of (lack of) style.
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