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  1. So you want to be a Professor now, do you? Well woop de do.

  2. no!! I don't think you're shallow at all. These people who judge you for wanting economic stability are the worst kinds of hypocrites and morons--many of them COME from enough money that they don't have to worry, and then hate on those of us who have real financial obligations and concerns. A phd at Oxbridge (is it funded) in STEM carries alot of weight--depending on your debt load, that might be a good place to go! also congrats!
  3. It depends on your end goal! Do you want to teach or work in industry, or be able to navigate both?
  4. I think you're on the right track to be asking these questions, and I wish I had done so myself before starting. I think your admin-game theory is incredibly intelligent, and if I could go back to last year that's probably the path I would have chosen. Let me ask you, as someone working in admin, are the professors that you meet happy/good/sane people? how are the PhD students? alot also depends on school and department, which people were right to ding me on when I made the first (admittedly hyperbolic post). It may be you will have an exceptional experience at a great school. Its just that I
  5. Hey! so I wrote the post last night in a REALLY bad place, so first of all, apologies to those who found it condescending. I guess what I was trying to say, but said it in a really bad way, was that I'm not some stupid, unqualified hack (which is honestly how this makes me feel most of the time, and how I'm afraid people will think of me, or already do think of me). Before I started this program, I was a more or less happy, healthy, sane individual, with a lot of love and friendship and support. Like many of you, I honestly believed that this was my passion, and that my dedication to my field
  6. To those who did not get in this year, and who are mourning: you are the lucky ones. Go be with your friends and families, enjoy the sunshine, if you have an alternative path that excites you TAKE IT. Doing this PhD has been a nightmare. I currently have a 4.0 in one of the top programs in the world, I'm a graduate of a few 'big name' universities and my resume is a fancy piece of shit that looks good to committees, but if I had to do it all over again--knowing then what I know now--I would tell myself to get out of the game, and do literally anything else. I'd rather be cleaning bathrooms at
  7. absolutely, one that I've never found anywhere else. A unique and wonderful place--anyone lucky enough to be there is blessed!
  8. HDS graduate with two close friends who were on the committee over the last four years: you have a great chance! I'm now a very well funded PhD candidate at a top school in my field, so from HDS sky is the limit. good luck!
  9. yea I got the email! I love my new apt--right across from campus
  10. guys housing assignments are out! who is living where? do you all know yet?
  11. hi Zebby! I'll also be at the institute of Comparative Literature and Society next year--when are you planning on taking that first mandatory course? I think I'll take it in the Spring. hope to see you!
  12. thank you so much! I've been really worried about job prospects, etc, but after talking with a few students in the department I'm really excited about it. Very kind people, very supportive mentors. I think it will end up being a great experience
  13. thank you so much! good luck with your work next year
  14. if anybody here is Jewish, the Jewish housing coop is wonderful and very affordable. Also the union theological seminary has joint columbia housing that is very nice!
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