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  1. who is attending Columbia as a transfer student or advanced student? If yes, PM me. I am heading!
  2. Did you guys apply for online program? or campus?
  3. I thought there is no interview for columbia.
  4. I currently attend NYU and I commute from Queens which most students do. They don't live near NYU.
  5. If your ultimate goal is to get Phd. School name (prestige) would help. I would attend Chicago.
  6. At NYU no stats requirement. However, you must take research 1 and 2 class to graduate
  7. rosesw- all of the 3school you got accept will lead you to become a LCSW. Honestly, I would go for school that offers the most funding and visit schools.
  8. I am currently attending second semester at NYU. You can become clincial (LCSW) from any MSW school. However, NYU is all about clinical and you must follow their cirriculum. Columbia you choose concentration during second year. (policy, clincial, and etc.) Overall, I would give 8 out of 10. Hunter is way cheaper than NYU or columbia. If you want to become a thearpist, NYU is good! If you care about Ivy degree choose Columbia.
  9. If you are NY resident, go to Hunter. Hunter has a great clincial program and save your money. I currently attend NYU.
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