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  1. angikuni, I appreciate the insight! I have a question regarding tuition. I'm assuming that you are an out-of-state student? Is it true that Berkeley grad students can obtain California residency/in-state tuition by their second year? I'm confused, as there are conflicting reports regarding this on GradCafe and other online forums.
  2. First, I want to congratulate everyone on their grad school admissions! The wait is over! But, now comes the difficult part: making a decision. Though I've narrowed my choices down to Berkeley Goldman and HKS, I'm having a difficult time picking one over the other. Without going into too much detail... I find both schools' faculty and curriculum to be great fits for my particular interests in social and urban policy. I think Berkeley has Harvard beat location wise, but being on the east coast would also mean being closer to family. Harvard obviously has the edge over Berkeley when it co
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