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  1. Hey there, yes I have applied to BC but got my application in pretty late so I am not sure if I will realistically hear from them before I need to make a decision about the other 3 schools. They do seem really amazing on international work! I think my only reservation is that I have heard they are not very strong on macro track (though, like most places, I think they are trying to move in that direction). I would seriously consider BC my top choice if I got in there, but, assuming I won't hear from them in time, does anyone have any insights on Columbia, Penn or UW?
  2. Any of you guys interested in Penn's international programs? I'm trying to figure out how strong they really are on that. They seem to have limited but quality offerings, and am wondering what others think of them.
  3. Hello, I'm deciding among 3 schools (a great problem to have) and really am stumped about which one is the best opportunity for what I want to do. Any information on the programs is much appreciated. I want to work internationally with refugee populations, and while I want the clinical skills to do direct interventions, I do eventually want to be able to move into macro or policy work on refugee issues as well. I am deciding among Penn, Columbia and UW-Seattle. I feel I have a good sense of Penn and am impressed, since they seem to have a very thoughtful program and to be ramping up th
  4. Great information here - thanks much! I am thrilled to be accepted and want to find out more how it matches up against other schools. It's great to hear that its reputation and connections are so valuable, particularly for working internationally and in policy (both things I am hoping to pursue). Wondering if you can speak more to that - what opportunities do you think CSSW provides that no other school does? More alumni/networking connections in those areas? Superior training and field placements? A wider range of relevant courses? Something else? FWIW I am deciding between Columbia and
  5. Hey there KNik, I am in the same boat and would like to second your question! It is going to be a tough decision for sure and I hope folks on here can help us out. My own sense is that Columbia is very strong in clinical training and research, whereas Penn is stronger on policy and social justice. However, I hope others chime in, since this is just what I've heard, and I know both are great schools. I've had an easier time getting info from Penn's website and have been quite impressed, but I don't want to assume that CSSW doesn't have similar opportunities (or better) based just on that i
  6. Thanks Chrislee and Alesso for the insights. Chrislee, it's great to see how your career trajectory shifted as you gained more experience in direct practice and became passionate about bringing about systemic change. Berkeley is so appealing and I agree that its program aligns with my interests. Unfortunately I haven't taken the GRE and time is too short for me to add that into the applications mix... Alesso, thanks for pointing out Boston College's weakness in macro areas. That is important to keep in mind, though their international opportunities seem so impressive that it still seems l
  7. Thanks guys! Great advice to focus on the essays and to diversify my schools a bit. Feeling reassured about all this, thanks!
  8. Hello friends, I'd love to get some guidance on how to determine one's competitiveness when it comes to choosing and applying to MSW programs. This would be a career switch for me, and I don't have direct experience in social work, but I have international experience with social justice issues, and am really passionate about pursuing direct practice (individual or community level) with refugees and immigrants, or working internationally in post-conflict areas. Long term I could see myself in an advocacy or policy-making role but I would like to start out working directly with people in
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