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  1. Yeah I'm also a bit worried by this. Mine says it as well, but I checked and there was nothing from U of T. I live in Toronto, so if they sent them out on Monday March 3rd I thought I would have got my letter by now....
  2. It was last Thursday at 5:30 pm. Fingers crossed for you Smpalesh. It sounds like your marks and experience are outstanding.
  3. I have already received a rejection letter from Dal MSW program, and my friend has already been accepted. This happened almost 2 weeks ago. I would say no news is better news than I got. Good luck:)
  4. I am so anxious about Laurier. Thanks for emailing Smpalesh:) Everyday I am frantically checking my mail/email.
  5. Just found out from a friend that Windsor has sent out acceptance letters for the distance program in Toronto.
  6. I know I am also driving my partner and myself crazy. This is way more stressful than I thought it would be. Lets go Laurier!
  7. Wow! glad I'm not the only one. Still waiting on a reference too. These applications have been really stressful! Glad they are almost over.
  8. Hi Dannika, I am in the same boat. I'm doing my placement in April through Dalhousie Distance. 2 of the people who graduated from Dalhousie last year both got in to the program so I don't think it will put us at too much of a disadvantage.
  9. Yes, totally over-thinking and obsessing about it Smpalesh!! I am just working on U of T now. THis is going to be a long few months of waiting!!
  10. Good luck Dannika! I was thinking of applying but the deadline crept up on my too quickly!
  11. I'm thinking of applying to 4. York, U of T, Ryerson, and Laurier. These applications are pretty full on and I'm already stressed! lol:)
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