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  1. I am more confident! I've been volunteering at the Alzheimer's society and got a promotion at the retirement home that I work at to Activity Director. The only thing is that my contract goes until next November. However, I am able to cancel early if I give four weeks notice. So I think I'll apply anyway and see what happens. Great full time experience to have though!
  2. Well it's beginning to be the most wonderful time of the year again! Welcome new users and welcome back those who weren't successful on their application last season. What has everyone been up to/how are you preparing differently for the 2014 season?
  3. Hello again everyone, So since I did not get in anywhere this year I'm going to take the year off to volunteer; a little speed bump in my plan but hopefully it will make a difference for next application season. I was just wondering what other schools in Ontario offer the two year MSW program? Ultimately I'd love to go to Windsor but I'm gonna send out a bunch to see what happens. Right now I know of... 1) Windsor 2) Laurier 3) Toronto 4) York 5) Carleton Am I missing any other school? Congrats to those who got in this year, and good luck to those re-applying!
  4. Yah my SIS and MyUwindsor was updated to "not admitted" I was accepted for an accelerated Child and Youth Worker program at a local college, but I'm thinking it might just be best to take the year off to gain volunteer experience as I know that is what I was lacking for my application. The CYW would be great experience to create treatment plans and everything but the placement isn't until the following summer so it wouldn't even count toward my application when I re-apply in January. Any advice is welcome about what I should do!
  5. Just got rejected from Windsor via email. Good luck to everyone else.
  6. Windsor is 30 out of 230 applicants. Laurier is 90 out of 500 applicants.
  7. Hoping for the end of the week! I wonder if MyUwindsor or SIS will be updated before they are mailed out.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I'm going to be accepted anywhere either. I've been looking up multiple volunteer organizations because I've honestly lost hope. Everyone seems to have so much experience and while I do have some experience, I haven't had the extra amount of years everyone else has because I am a younger applicant. If I volunteered so much then I wouldn't have as good of a GPA. It's just very frustrating when people ask me what I'll be doing in September and I don't have an answer for them. I really don't want to take a year off but I might have to just to get more experience.
  9. Yah I've also heard that the Social Work campus will be moving downtown but with Windsor you never know when these things will actually happen for sure haha. Talk about this has been going on since 2011. Here's the timeline on their website: http://www.uwindsor.ca/downtown/downtown-timeline-and-fact-sheet
  10. Well I currently attend Windsor and the campus is nice. What I know about the MSW program is that it is a lot more research-based than other schools. Also, you can't specialize in any specific stream even though you choose the one you are more interested in on the application (that is just for their general knowledge of what the student interests are) but you can choose to do all of your research assignments on a certain topic so that you have a portfolio of that topic to showcase after you graduate. Every student takes the same classes so there is no variation between each student. Unfortunat
  11. Yes but there hasn't been any news on Windsor so it's much easier for people to talk about U of T considering all of the updates surrounding it haha. Like someone else said, we should hear back next week.
  12. End of the month... Someone on this forum who called last week said that Windsor said two weeks from then so I was hoping for sure next week! Boooo.
  13. This is the masters in social work forum. Hope you hear back soon!
  14. I am 21 and more than ready to take on grad school! I've known that this is what I've wanted to do for a very long time. The sooner I can start my career and help others, the better
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