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  1. Haha no problem! I never really got those "likes" anyways
  2. Thanks for the apology! Annnnd just go in at Laurier today!
  3. Haven't heard/seen anything either. Been checking the results section daily too.
  4. Is anybody here planning on attending Windsor in the Fall??
  5. Windsor was always my first choice so I am 90% sure I will stick with Windsor either way. However, if I do hear back from Laurier the decision might be a little bit more trickier. We shall see! Either way I am quite pleased
  6. Thanks everyone, really loved going through this with each and everyone of you!
  7. Is your MyUWindsor working? It won't seem to let me log on, I can only check through SIS for the past week or so.
  8. Nothing for me either. I think it might take a few more weeks for the second round considering most schools allow for about 2 weeks to respond to an offer. Does anyone know what the time frame is for Windsor?
  9. Mine hasn't changed either. Got pretty bummed out today after hearing first round has already gone out. I don't even want to imagine how long it will take for the next round to go out! Sadness is consuming me.
  10. Knowing this...I have a feeling I could be waiting all summer for any news. My latest transcripts are currently being processed and sent to the schools I applied to. This is getting quite frustrating and is turning me into the most anxious person I have ever met. I am constantly on edge. It's a weird feeling every time I get an email notification....hoping to see the name 'Laurier' and hoping not to see 'Windsor'. p.s. almost 4 months since we submitted applications. ugh.
  11. Oh no, that's horrible. Let us know what your plan B/C/D is, if I'm in the same boat I will totally be on here discussing job prospects! Did they update your myUWindsor as well?
  12. Thanks, Jenste! The only good thing about all of this is people like you and others on this forum (I know we hear that one a lot but I'm sure we all know it's true!)
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