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  1. I did not have to sign anything. It was relatively easy and accomplished in one phone call. Congrats!
  2. I went through the process. Call MSW admissions and inform them of the situation and they will inform you of the procedure for your specific circumstances. Get everything in writing! This is important as improper withdrawal has serious implications regarding fees, enrolment and grades. Congrats and good luck!
  3. Nice! I too received the $9000 minimum guaranteed funding through assistantships (no scholarship though). Your grades must be top notch! Congrats. I'm also advanced standing. See you in September!
  4. When I had to decide, I went where I got funding. Having no extra debt is huge. Both Uoft and York are well respected as are all MSW programs in Canada. I chose York because my own experience has all been clinical and I wanted to expand and be challenged. Having spoken with people in the field, both schools will provide equal opportunity for the placement of your choice. As I understand it, the streams at UofT are a specialization but the accreditation of the program as a whole is a general one like that of York. The choice will be mostly centered on clinical vs critical. York is very critica
  5. I co-authored a publication (addictions peer-reviewed journal), joined a social research lab with an old professor with another publication in the works and started a social justice research group of my own with a multidisciplinary team of academics/professionals i.e. lawyers and criminology faculty in the development of another publication. I started with a simple email to the professors and academics I got along with and earned good grades in their classes. It was awkward emailing them but I realized it was very common and most professors are seeking free help on their publications. I also
  6. Couldn't have said it better than DreamingMSW and MSW13. I too got shut out everywhere I applied first time around and this time got accepted everywhere. The rejected feeling sucks so bad but it makes the changes made to your application and subsequent admission that much more rewarding. Good luck to everyone else waiting.
  7. I can only speak indirectly to this question but I work alongside several UofT MSW grads. I only have by BSW and we have the same jobs (and same pay). It's not the school that provides prospects upon graduation, rather the experience one has. Any social work school in Canada is a great school. The decision is best made based on "fit" the school has with your own objectives. That said, UofT is very clinical with specializations while York is more macro/community focused and accredited as a generalist degree.
  8. I can't say for sure, but it would be very, very likely that a letter from such a person would be deemed completely irrelevant and fall in the category of personal acquaintance/friend despite the professional capacity held with them. Most adcoms seek academic and professional capacity assessment from those in the respective field. Your professional/volunteering experiences however, are great. Your academics are outstanding. Good luck. You sound like a great candidate!
  9. I was accepted back in mid-March. I gave up the spot just recently after initially accepting the offer so hopefully it means good news for someone on here.
  10. I'll agree with what others have said. I turned down York to go to Ryerson after consultation with a professor from U of T who informed me to go to Ryerson over York. I did not apply to U of T due to a mismatch in philosophical orientation but just know that Ryerson is known for it's social work program, both in academia and the professional world. Best of luck!
  11. Just declined my spot for York's Advanced Standing MSW program. Good luck to those waiting. Hope it goes to someone on here.
  12. Just got accepted to York's MSW program (advanced standing). Found out via MyFile. Good luck to everyone else waiting.
  13. Thanks! I hope so too. I have until April 2nd to decide on Ryerson.
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