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  1. Haha my mother isnt paying for anything...im in a masters program i'm a youth lol so be grateful
  2. How long is OISE masters of education psychotherapy program is it from september 2017- April 2019? for those who got accepted how many hours did you have of experience and is your first time applying?
  3. for UofT Masters of education psychotherapy, does anyone know if this program is full 2 years? sept 2017-april 2019 ?
  4. What schools offer a masters of education in counselling? Thanks
  5. hello, completing a statistics course would beneficial, some msw programs require you take statistics. Also a B+ average is the GPA you should have. i know for laurier msw they require you to have tons of hours like 3,000. I think at least 3,000 hours is good.
  6. I received an email from Lakehead about being accepted into the Thunder Bay campus but i am declining their offer.
  7. i got waitlisted too for the thunderbay campus i believe they say may 13 we should know ..
  8. did anyone also apply to UNBC masters of education- counseling ? ps how many people does the OISE accept for their MEd?
  9. if you accepted an offer but didn't pay fhe deposit can you decline it?
  10. if you accepted an offer and didn't pay the deposit can you decline it ?
  11. i would accept the offer now but dont put down a payment for your spot yet. Just incase you do get into your first or second choice but if you dont at least you already accepted somewhere.
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