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  1. Wow that is late, you must have been waitlisted! I still have not heard from Dal.
  2. They are having issues with my electronic admissions account for UWindsor and my stress level is over 9000.
  3. And I did! Just had to wait and calm down before I sent one so I could make sure I came off as composed haha
  4. I think it is a pretty safe bet that you will get in. Only the Dean can officially accept students, but as long as you meet all the min. requirements it shouldn't be an issue.!
  5. Recommended for admission to Windsor . Does anyone think that I should email back a thank you?
  6. Has anyone heard from waitlists anywhere? Just wondering if getting off the waitlist really happens....
  7. Has anyone heard from Memorial (MUN) since the interviews? They said it would be a few weeks until they released decisions and it has been a month! >.<
  8. I don't know how you stay so positive, you must be young lol
  9. I started my program when I was 22, but there was a large age range in my cohort. I wouldn't worry about age! No one really cares about age as long as you are competent!
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