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  1. 1. Great idea to do this thread! 2. Can the person who got the interview at Nebraska - Lincoln please PM me their POI? 3. Good luck to everyone
  2. Has anyone heard from USask? I have a bad feeling, but I just wanna know
  3. Did anyone get any news from University of Saskatchewan post-interview?
  4. Heya lovely Gradcafe-ers, I was hoping to hear whether people have started to hear back from UNM, post-interview, and/or what current/past students' experiences have been like. Cheers!
  5. To whomever got accepted at UVic, HUGE congrats! If you plan on declining the offer, please do so before I have a heart-attack :D!
  6. Has anyone heard from the University of Saskatchewan recently?!
  7. If you find it, can you please share it with the class?!
  8. Congrats to whomever got the UVic acceptance! Can you please PM me your POI?
  9. Hey, Thanks for the response, but this comment is from last year's application cycle :p.
  10. I'm re-wearing my graduation dress and wearing a cover-up/shawl thing that I've had for years.
  11. Does anyone know if the following schools are still sending out invitations for interviews? I'm only mildly freaking out University of Montana Saint John's University University System of Ohio – Ohio University University of Texas System – Austin University of Wyoming Cheers!
  12. Hey all, I am having a little bit of difficulty thinking of questions to ask faculty members that I will be interviewing with that are NOT my POI. Specifically, as part of the application process, I have to be interviewed by other faculty members. I have ZERO CLUE what to ask... Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. If you have any good questions to ask in general, feel free to throw those my way too!
  13. Has anyone heard from the following Clinical programs?: University of Denver UMSL University of Montana John Jay College of Criminal Justice University System of Ohio – Miami University University System of Ohio – Ohio University University of Texas System – Austin
  14. I would be interested in knowing as well! It's one of my top choices.
  15. Thanks for the reply. How do you know about UT Knoxville?
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