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  1. to the individuals who got accepted to UVic.. congratulations! So excited for you. Would you mind pm'ing your POI? Thank you!
  2. Often a multitude of things, from what I've heard. There is usually a grace period of a week where faculty create a priority list and review their applicants. They then have a departmental meeting where they discuss the applicants. Then there is a meeting later about funding for students, which often amounts to a decent wait time for applicants! I hope that helps!
  3. It's unreal! There is so much that would change for me if I got an offer from my first choice program. Moving to a new city, away from my family, but on the road to the career of my dreams! I go through these weird waves of just wanting to hear one way or the other.... just so I know and can move forward! FYI If you've applied to BC Schools (UBC, SFU, UVic), they are in reading weeks this past week (SFU, UVic) and next week (UBC), so that might affect wait times.. not sure though! Thought I'd pass it along regardless. Hope everyone is coping ok and managing the stress of the wait!
  4. oh my goodness friends I know. it's so hard to wait when you want something so bad or just even need to know.... there's something that's been super helpful for me: radical acceptance (from DBT for all you therapy nerds out there ) This resource has been super awesome for me to just remain positive and just accept that things are the way they are until I know! http://www.dbtselfhelp.com/html/radical_acceptance_part_1.html Hope it's helpful you guys too!
  5. Hi everyone! If anyone has any questions about the UBC MA counselling program, I'm pretty familiar with what the program looks like. You're welcome to PM me if you want
  6. Oh yeah for sure! In the context of an interview, if it's your top choice, throw that in there. I've been told this before by a previous mentor - he was pretty emphatic about it. My top choice POI that I interviewed with recently asked me, "So what are the things that drew you to apply here?" and my honest response was "You and your research!", followed by the appropriate "diversity of the program's training and opportunities for my development as a scientist/practitioner" etc etc. I wanted to make sure she knew that I was interested and would accept an offer if she were to extend it. Als
  7. So something that can really show (especially when you're meeting with current graduate students in the program) is if you're overly competitive to the point of being cold to the other applicants or trying to suss them out or stuff like that. I was chatting with a grad student in a program I interviewed for and she was actually really candid with me about how she was so happy I seemed focused on the program and myself rather than what all the other applicants were doing, and that it meant something when applicants (even those interviewing for the same POI!) made an effort to be nice and
  8. I think that depends from program to program... meaning there's likely differences between clinical and school psychology. From my (albeit limited!) understanding of school psych programs, the PhD acceptance often has to do with research productivity and recommendation by POI, as most people don't transition to PhD? At least that's how it was for a friend of mine who is a School Psych... I think there's a thread here for School Psych applicants too! If you have an acceptance, it's totally reasonable for you to ask what that process is like with your supervisor or from someone within the progra
  9. i got an email from my POI in early december and then again in early january with the invitation to their interviews. mine is tomorrow!
  10. Interviews are happening Feb 8-10. I don't think rejections have gone out... you may be waitlisted too!
  11. Option 3! Be you Though, granted, I've interviewed before and the profs were more interested in asking about my tattoos and the stories behind them than caring too much. Granted, I'm in Canada and it's a bit different up here. I've also got a facial piercing and that's never been an issue - pretty common. My thoughts on this may be a bit stronger than others. This is a PI and a department you'll be spending the next 5-7 years of your life with. Me personally, I don't think I could change that much of myself for the interview - I wouldn't feel comfortable or true to myself throughout the proce
  12. My research match with my POIs are pretty well matched. For me, that's pretty important. The research I do is stuff that gets me super excited and I want to make sure I can continually bring that energy to my work. Of course, new stuff is always interesting, but I think, for me, I would like a strong common ground of interests.
  13. i love the amount of support in this group! makes this process much easier. we'll all make great clinicians and researchers one day.
  14. is it just me or is waiting for interview day more stressful than the actual interview itself?!
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