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  1. 1. Great idea to do this thread! 2. Can the person who got the interview at Nebraska - Lincoln please PM me their POI? 3. Good luck to everyone
  2. Has anyone heard from USask? I have a bad feeling, but I just wanna know
  3. Did anyone get any news from University of Saskatchewan post-interview?
  4. Heya lovely Gradcafe-ers, I was hoping to hear whether people have started to hear back from UNM, post-interview, and/or what current/past students' experiences have been like. Cheers!
  5. To whomever got accepted at UVic, HUGE congrats! If you plan on declining the offer, please do so before I have a heart-attack :D!
  6. Has anyone heard from the University of Saskatchewan recently?!
  7. If you find it, can you please share it with the class?!
  8. Congrats to whomever got the UVic acceptance! Can you please PM me your POI?
  9. Hey, Thanks for the response, but this comment is from last year's application cycle :p.
  10. I'm re-wearing my graduation dress and wearing a cover-up/shawl thing that I've had for years.
  11. Does anyone know if the following schools are still sending out invitations for interviews? I'm only mildly freaking out University of Montana Saint John's University University System of Ohio – Ohio University University of Texas System – Austin University of Wyoming Cheers!
  12. Hey all, I am having a little bit of difficulty thinking of questions to ask faculty members that I will be interviewing with that are NOT my POI. Specifically, as part of the application process, I have to be interviewed by other faculty members. I have ZERO CLUE what to ask... Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. If you have any good questions to ask in general, feel free to throw those my way too!
  13. Has anyone heard from the following Clinical programs?: University of Denver UMSL University of Montana John Jay College of Criminal Justice University System of Ohio – Miami University University System of Ohio – Ohio University University of Texas System – Austin
  14. I would be interested in knowing as well! It's one of my top choices.
  15. Thanks for the reply. How do you know about UT Knoxville?
  16. Hey all, Has anyone heard from: University of Denver UMSL SLU University of Montana John Jay College of Criminal Justice University System of Ohio – Ohio University University of Tennessee System - Knoxville University of Texas System – Austin
  17. Hey all, Quick issue that I hope someone applying to the University of Nevada-Reno can help with... I just received an email stating that I did not submit my Program Preference Form. However, I filled it out online and I received conflicting information in the email: 1. "not included in the materials you submitted" 2. "If you have not yet submitted one" I am very confused, so any guidance would be awesome
  18. I'm applying to three Canadian schools, but I did not apply for any funding. Is that an insurmountable con in my application?!
  19. Hey @gmr, I spoke to my thesis supervisor about this a few weeks ago! He said that it's completely okay to contact more than one professor, but if you have to list them, you run the risk of the professors noticing that... However, if they really want a student, they'll take a look anyways! He said that he always looks at those who rate him second or third. That may just be a "him" thing because he is awesome and everything, not that I am biased or anything, but I think that in the name of increasing your chances, you should go for it.
  20. Hey @Azsy16, In my experience, the best thing to do is to establish a dialogue with your POI, send them your material, and then once you have a good back-and-forth going, ask them these school-specific questions. For me, some schools want the full honours' thesis, others want only five to 10 pages, and still others want a graded writing sample (with professor comments) from a psychology course! I hope that this helps :).
  21. Thanks so much, @St0chastic. I don't think that I have the time, nor the drive to have to re-write the GREs, they're not particularly fun. For the PSYC. GRE, I already got a DSM-V compatible introductory textbook as well as Barron and Kaplan's prep. books. It's a fairly daunting exam to write.
  22. Hey all, So, first-time "Topic-creater" and majorly freaking out about the Fall 2017 application cycle. I will be applying for admission into clinical psychology programs after taking a gap year (combination of choice and being accepted into a school that fit less with my interests than I had originally thought). I'm looking to get some input on my chances/what I should be improving on for next year's application cycle. Now, a bit about me... I graduated from a great university in Montreal, Quebec with a cumulative GPA of 3.82 with my last 60-credits averaging mor
  23. Hey Jack, I think that it would depend on the school. From what I have been told, if something is "too good to be true", the POI will likely grill you about it. Honestly, it is not worth lying about. Be proud of what you have accomplished.
  24. Hey, Thanks so much for the information! Do you think that all applicants will be notified soon, irrespective of whether they were offered an interview? Also, I'm guessing that you applied to DU as well...?
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