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  1. Thank you very much! I had also applied to the MSW (non-BSW) program at Laurier University and the BSW program at St. Thomas University. I had planned to apply to the BSW program at Dal as well, but won't be submitting that application now. Dal was my top choice for sure, I'll be sending my deposit once I get the official letter!
  2. Yes my portal updated today. I'm also on the east coast so the letter wouldn't have too far to go! Any time now (:
  3. I got accepted into the Dalhousie University MSW (non-BSW) program!!!!! I am so, so very excited to get started. A dream come true (:
  4. Did they provide any indicators of whether or not they would be giving financial aid?
  5. OMG no way!!!! What were your stats like?? And did anything change on your Dal application portal?
  6. Haven't heard anything yet. It is a bit later this year.. maybe today will be the day!
  7. I know right!! Each day I hope that today is the day. Looks like offers went out on February 11th last year.. and February 4th the year before. So anytime now!
  8. What a waiting game... Long time lurker, finally cracking and posting under the pressure of waiting! I am applying to the Dalhousie and Laurier MSW programs as a non-BSW entry, and the STU and Dalhousie BSW programs. Dalhousie letters should be sent via mail really soon!! Is anyone else here applying to Dal? Like most people here I'm sure, I keep dreaming about getting an admissions letter that says yes... Any suggestions on calming the nerves?
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