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  1. It sounds really competitive!..... I still have time to think what school and program to apply so will take enough time to consider for my future path! Sounds scary but definitely an important point to think about! thanks for letting me know.
  2. Ohh that’s totally a new option that I have never known! Thanks for the information! I will look into their website right now:) thanks!!!!👍🏻
  3. Hi! Thanks so much for your reply and those links too! Wow.. I’ve never known about the issues that seem like a lot of things happened.. Good news that it will be going through re-accreditation! It might have taken quite some time but hope things get settled with the MSW program soon at UBC! I also found their tuition is much lesser than other universities and it’s such a good thing that they have a small class size! And yea- as UBC is the only school that has a Social Work program in Vancouver, it will be a good advantage to get a job in the Vancouver area! Thanks agai
  4. Hi everyone, I’m a BSW student and pursuing to apply for MSW upon graduation! As I want to focus on studying Children and Families in Social Work, I found U of T and UBC offer field of study for the topic. Does anyone know any other universities that offer Children and Families field in their MSW programs? Also, from different MSW application forums in the grad cafe, I found UBC seems not quite popular even though they offer BSW, MSW and PhD. Does anyone know why UBC’s Social Work program is not as popular as other universities? I will very appreciate it if someone could he
  5. Thanks so much. You gave me all the information that I was wondering about! It will help me a lot for my decision later! I do appreciate your answer:))
  6. For those who have applied or got accepted into any MSW program- I would like to ask a question. When you apply or accept the offer, what elements do you think most importantly to choose a university? Such as funding, the name value, location or anything you considered for your purpose of studying MSW. I’m currently accepted into a BSW program and already considering to apply for MSW program upon graduation so would like to have some thoughts or opinions to choose a right school. if you could give me any advices or opinions or info I will very appreciate it and it will be very he
  7. I just found out I was accepted into the on campus full time BSW at Dalhousie! can’t wait to start in September! Good luck everyone:))
  8. Wow congrats! Did your status change from ‘written notifications to follow’ to ‘accepted’? Mine is still the same ‘written notifications to follow’. Wonder if they have finished updating the status or still working on it😭
  9. Congrats!! I applied for on campus fulltime BSW and my status hasn’t changed yet. This is so nerve wracking 🥶
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