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  1. Hallelujah! Seriously, I wonder every time I come into contact with Gnome and select others on these forums why they go out of their way to belittle others. His reputation in the positive two hundreds+ makes me feel very sad about the state of mind some forum members have. I just don't get it. No one in this entire thread bragged about anything.. I just asked questions I thought were interesting. Gnome, picking on others constantly and consistently makes you appear to be the inwardly hurt one (for one reason or another, I'm not your therapist, just a sufferer of your negativity) and
  2. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but sometimes friendship isn't always about being around when they're doing things you're interested in or even approve of. My best friend has been in and out rehab and off/on drugs a majority of our friendship. When she relapses, I'm there for her. When she is clean and sober, I cherish those months with her and praise her every step of the way. She's a "super senior" in undergrad and struggles to attend class, much less do the work or make very good grades. Grad school is out of the question with this friend. But I love her regardless, I value he
  3. Thank you. He's a party pooper for me, too. I also enjoyed the love languages test. I'm verbal affirmation, you?
  4. No one was boasting about being an introvert. This was just for fun, I didn't mean for this to be taken super seriously.
  5. She did get accepted into 4/4 of the programs she applied to.
  6. That is absolutely not what I meant. I'm sorry if you got that idea from my posts.
  7. Haha, my Feeling is very developed for an INTJ. I also like to take enneagram quizzes, and I'm a very odd INTJ type. I'm an INTJ-4w: Individualist: sensitive, withdrawn type; intuitive, artistic, aesthetic, self-absorbed, and depressive. Thank you for your kindness. I hope everyone else enjoys it too!
  8. I'd probably read between the two types and go with the one that subjectively feels "right."
  9. I know you weren't, I was responding to Gnome. I was even just about to say, in accordance with what you've just posted, there isn't much of a prestige to being labeled "gifted" as it is--some of my peers in the program are not people I would've pegged for it. I was just curious in relation to the MBTI test. I guess I just don't understand why some people go out of their way to be mean to others. What do you get out of it? Gnome, you hurt my feelings, for sure, and all I wanted to do was discuss an interesting topic to me. What was the point of your comment?
  10. I scored a 130 on the Q section of the GRE, 160 V and 6 writing. Why be mean, man? I never said I'm a genius, I was just in the gifted program in school.
  11. Quit trying so hard. As others have mentioned, your attitude towards dating right now is unhealthy. You're setting yourself up for an unhappy at best, and abusive/dependent relationship at worst. Obviously you are wildly intelligent and capable of living life while sailing your own ship, alone. The best love will find you when you're a whole, happy person yourself--your radiance will attract other whole, happy people. I know we're probably not deterring you much based on your replies, but please file our posts away somewhere in the back of your mind. You will be happy. Time is
  12. I added a poll. Everyone submit your answers! I read a lot of psychology articles, and apparently a large majority of gifted college students are either INTJ or INTP. Not that others can't be gifted or are not gifted, these types are most prevalent among gifted data. Coincidentally, these types are also the rarest. As someone else mentioned, INxx types are rare, period. So what's the gist here? The rarest types are abundant among gifted IQ scores and higher education. There has to be some kind of similarity in the way our brains download and process reality. I love to theorize
  13. Thank you Strong Flat White. What you say about aptitude hits home for me; I've never thought about it like that. English and reading have always been easy for me, even when I was very young. I never had to try in the language arts the way I struggled in undergrad and high school with math. I would eyeball my peers who breezed through algebra with disdain, but never really assumed it came to them like reading came to me. I did get a Kaplan workbook, and felt it was way too complicated for me on the quantitative. I winded up using Magoosh for quant instead and Kaplan for verbal studying.
  14. Hi everyone. I have an intense curiosity about the Myers-Briggs types. According to some journal articles I've read, there are types more common among higher levels of education and IQ. These types are usually introverted intuitive; their type begins with IN. Anyone know what their type is? If you don't, here's the test! http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp I'm an INTJ according to this test, but I've also scored as INTP on others. I'm interested to hear everyone's replies!
  15. Does anyone else feel sick when they think about their already submitted SOP? There are so many things I wish I could go back and change now. I can't even bare to read the damn thing. Anyone else feel this way? Gah.
  16. Thank you! Apology totally accepted We all say and do things that come out wrong, especially on the internet.
  17. Question for you guys, since my post in applicants forum didn't get many opinions: One of my hopeful schools' graduate coordinator e-mailed me personally yesterday and told me my statement of purpose was missing (I know, so fail) and asked if I was still going to submit it. I don't know how I missed that, but I immediately uploaded it and thanked him. The application deadline has long since passed. Is this a good sign? I know it wasn't an automated e-mail. What do you guys think? I guess I got excited thinking perhaps they liked the rest of my application enough to reach out to
  18. Congratulations! That's awesome! The gif above pretty much perfectly describes what my reaction would be.
  19. Do you guys think no news is good news? At what point of the year do you think it's bad to not have heard anything? I've noticed PhD applicants appear to get sorted through before MA applicants. Do you guys think any MA'ers have heard anything back?
  20. Thank you. There are so many ways to disagree with me without being so angry about it. I never meant to put anyone down.
  21. Why are people so harsh on this forum? I truly, sincerely never meant to come off elitist or anything like that at all. I really didn't. I just answered a question someone asked with what I did on my application. Don't attack me for it. My application is not better than any other applicant's due to my personal source of funding. But if I get accepted, it's win for the program that I can pay for it, and it's win for me that I'm in. I just don't see how this is so ridiculous?
  22. All I did was say I can afford to attend without funding, because I can. Should I have not answered it at all? It was a specific question on the application. My parents don't pay my bills for me, but they would pay for more schooling. I didn't go into any detail.
  23. Thanks for the encouragement. I wouldn't have any debt if my parents paid for MAPH at Chicago; I want readers to understand that. It may seem unwise to some, but I'm in a different situation, as shortstack said. I'm a full time professional writer, right now, at 22 years old with a BA in English. I want to attend graduate school for personal reasons, not just professional. I want to learn and better myself, and I'm fortunate enough to have parents who can foot the bill. I also totally agree with Mikers, only each of us knows what's best for us.
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