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  1. God, yes. Accepted my spot at Columbia and my productivity plummeted. One of my classes doesn't have formal due dates and I've been procrastinating one of the papers for the past two weeks. I'm a little afraid I might end up turning it in before graduation
  2. Thank you both so much. After a lot of stressing (probably unnecessarily) and even more dialoguing with some of my professors, current students from both programs, and my therapist (hee), I've decided on Columbia. Still very nervous but also very, very excited. Thanks again!
  3. This is something I'm struggling with as well. Sorry in advance for my rambling, this is all sort of just my thoughts as they come, things that I've heard from social workers I know, things I've read. I don't know specifics on these exact schools or concentrations, but I understand the financial factor vs current research/networking/opportunities. It's hard because with any degree it's really more about what you put into it and many people believe you can have success regardless of program for that reason. I believe this is true, you get what you give in any situation. But no matter what people say, you also can't deny that certain names do help, especially if a school holds up to it's rep and has great opportunities. Names and networking won't get you a job, but they'll get you an interview in a lot of cases, and if you utilize that, it can absolutely be worth it. For me, wanting to work in areas with supervisors who aren't usually social workers and whose eyes might be more apt to catch certain schools or certain references, this is a factor I'm considering. It sounds like you've done your homework on research opportunities and faculty, look into curriculum as well, if you haven't. Go to a school that is going to give you the most opportunities for your effort and whose program you are excited about. It's really not worth it to go somewhere if you find yourself apathetic about the program, in my opinion. You might not thrive in that sort of environment. That said, consider your future practice goals with regard to salary, too. If you want to work solely nonprofit there are loan forgiveness programs, but there's also the factor that you might not be in a position to pay back loans. Also, location. If you don't want to live in an area long term think hard about going to school in that area, because if you move after graduating networking can be harder. It's really a lot about where you see yourself in a few years and which school you think is going to give you the tools to help you reach those goals. I'm not one of the people who automatically dismisses more prestigious schools as "not worth it" because in my opinion, they are prestigious for a reason. For every story you hear about someone who knows someone who regrets going to a certain school because of money, there are also numerous stories of people who have found immeasurable success out of the exact same program. If you work hard and utilize the experience fully and don't expect the status of the school to hand you everything, the experience can absolutely be irreplaceable. Good luck!!
  4. Finally got notified about my interview dates today but it's moot for me at this point. I don't have time to wait another two weeks to interview and then a potential two months for a decision with two other schools demanding my response within the next two weeks. Not to mention the hassles I've seen people have with Skype interviews. Probably just going to withdraw my app. Good luck to everyone!
  5. What's your desired practice area?
  6. Thank you! My main conflicting factor is that from what I can tell, despite Fordham's different concentrations, it's a largely very clinical program, most students are clinical and they teach it that way, and I am not interested in clinical work. I definitely want to work in admin/policy and perhaps eventually a PhD as well. I know Columbia is strong for that and has lots of connections. The difference for me is about 10k per year so trying to figure out if it might be worth that.
  7. Congrats on NYU!! In agreement, except I'm stuck on Columbia and didn't apply to NYU. I'm still waiting for any communication re: my interview at Hunter and I've pretty much decided I'm going to reject it anyway... if it ever comes, lol. Hunter isn't much cheaper for me (as an out-of-state student) than Fordham, and the disorganization makes it less appealing. I agree that Fordham has been wonderful however, I had a great talk with a lady in the FinAid department this morning. Sadly, I won't get to tour before deciding, what did you think on your visit?
  8. Resurrecting this thread because this is also my current struggle. I want to do macro work and I know Columbia is really well known for it's macro but I'd be taking out twice as many loans compared to Fordham. I saw people talking about how Fordham is pricey but wooooo, it looks like a loan cakewalk compared to Columbia
  9. Over two weeks later and still pending interview with no email or anything. Tried calling and no response, will keep trying. A little frustrating. My app was complete later than many so I'm trying to be patient but I don't wanna be that person constantly asking other schools for extensions. Also, it's not that much cheaper for me than Fordham given that I'm out of state so all in all I'm not terribly impressed with navigating the admission dept here vs the other two I've applied to.
  10. Still "pending interview" and cutting it real close to my Columbia deadline....
  11. In a perfect (unlimitedly financed) world, Columbia... in reality, Hunter. But honestly, all three are excellent programs and I'd be happy at any of them. It's mostly about making the money game work for me. Thanks!
  12. In at Fordham!! Just got the email about an hour and a half ago
  13. I agree with a lot posted here but make a list of schools you are interested in first. I did, and none of the schools I wanted to attend required the GRE - so I didn't take it! People told me I should "just in case" but I simply didn't need to. Definitely doesn't hurt to have scores if you're unsure or if your list is longer than mine was, but for me it was silly to spend the money on the fees and prep when I didn't need to. If you're looking into NYU and Columbia, definitely look in to Hunter. It's significantly less expensive, slightly more competitive (interview process), and an excellent program. Columbia is my dream program so I understand shooting for the moon but also be realistic about pricing and financial aid and such, don't pay for a name, especially in this field! Also, it always helps to apply to schools in the area you want to live; you'll make connections and such through your program and field work and those can be difficult to forge if you move elsewhere after graduating. There are going to be people telling you tons of different things, that you need to do this or that... take it all in but remember that there are so many options and pathways, find what works for you. The one pretty much consistent piece of advice I have is to write a killer personal statement that displays your passion and dedication for your work and your understanding and desire to engage social change. Deep, moving life stories can be hit or miss if you aren't careful; sometimes they hint at an inability to separate your personal emotions from your work which is a vital skill in this field. Good luck!! x
  14. The only one that isn't driving me up a wall is Columbia.... I only applied in NYC and I feel like the app to decision windows are so much larger than elsewhere. I understand that they probably have more applications to go through, plus people flood these schools with applications when they have zero intentions of attending. I know four people who applied to NYU "just to see" and/or for bragging rights. Maybe they'd benefit from earlier deadlines if the app pools are so large? Getting decisions back so late is rough on people who have to make fin. aid decisions and put deposits down
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