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  1. This SUCKS. Sorry I can't be more helpful. This just really, really sucks. They can't really fault you for this... it is completely out of your control.
  2. Congrats to everyone! Happy to hear the acceptances are starting to arrive. Has anyone heard ANYTHING from UMich or Yale???? Any info would be much appreciated!
  3. Hey, kemet. Sorry to press for info, but do you know if those mid-Feb decisions for Yale are interview invitations? Or do they make offers solely based on apps?
  4. Hi Cynthia. This is second-hand information, but from a source I trust. Perhaps they are still deliberating about a second wave of notifications? Not sure what to make of your phone contact.
  5. Okay, to clarify... Penn has made offers, both waitlists (based on the info above) and acceptances. HOWEVER, they have separate Classics and Ancient History and Archaeology (AAMW) programs. My info only comes from Classics, can't speak to the rest. Princeton and Chicago have extended interview invitations. Don't know about any of the other schools mentioned! Though I'm also interested in knowing... Can anyone help?
  6. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Penn has already made offers. Congrats on your acceptances!
  7. Okay, who's the Berkeley admit? Show yourself! and a BIG congratulations!
  8. looking at the results page... schools actually send out decisions on sundays??

  9. The waiting is killing me. I was REALLY hoping to hear something this week, but so far... nothing. Trying not to read too much into things, but I know a lot of programs I applied to typically notify early so it's hard not to. Ughhh just had to vent.
  10. Honestly, I think they'd appreciate your honesty. They are trying to recruit/extend offers to people who are likely to attend. You are articulate and tactful enough to send a polite email to decline. You're in an enviable spot! Congrats.
  11. Now I will be tempted to supplement all of my rejection postings with "THEIR LOSS!!!!", just to make things interesting...
  12. Figure out which schools notify earliest in your field. Apply only to those.
  13. Oh... I am bummed to hear that. Wisconsin is a competitive program, I'm sure good news will come your way soon. Glad to see you are still using happy emoticons in this situation... You are a better man/woman than me.
  14. Maybe I do have a strange definition of bragging. I admit that my comments about the baby example were not so articulate (it was 1:30 am after a few beers, a little slack would be nice). The point that I was trying to make is that a parent's updates about baby's first steps would never strike me as conceit, merely excitement. Similarly, while a status update regarding one's success in graduate admissions might purely reflect that individual's excitement over justifiably exciting news, it seems like it also opens the door for other interpretations... including bragging. Then again, I do not
  15. Eeeek. Based on people's reactions I seem to have offended some of you with my response. I'm sorry if that was the case as that was not my intention at all. I was just posting my own personal reaction to the original question posed. That's why I ended my response with "to each his/her own". The first amendment is awesome! Do as you please. A few other thoughts: I referred to it as "bragging" seeing as other posters before had openly referred to it as such. Maybe it isn't bragging. Whether it's fair or not, it certainly can be perceived as such. That's enough for me to abstain.
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