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    I just applied to the UBC on-campus housing. For 4 room thunderbird year-round residence, I am waitlist #288... This is the lowest I am on any waitlist. I will likely need to get an apartment. It's hard to judge by online photos though. Are you going to put a down deposit on an apartment you've never seen in person? I don't think I can do that. But, if I wait until I get there, the apartments available will be scarce.
  2. Mathk1d


    Hi! I will be going to UBC too this fall likely! I'm looking at apartments too! I will probz live on campus the first semester at least until I find a friend (or gf haha) to live with!
  3. I feel that I'd look silly going too dressy. Is it okay to just wear nice jeans, sneakers, and a polo? I am in math.... I mean no one will be dressed up haha
  4. To admit, I'm probably not developed or well-exposed enough to declare my interests for sure. At least not enough to call a meeting with certain professors in the department. Especially at UMD... There is such a huge range of research lol... I guess it's nice that I can put off making a decision about what type of project I want to work on. I like mathematical biology and control theory a lot though.
  5. The Applied Math and Computational Science program at Univ of Maryland is rather huge. In fact, it's almost overwhelming to see all the possible research areas! I just wanted to start a discussion of the advantages/disadvantages of such a big program. It seems that a lot of the really good schools (CalTech, Brown) have very small programs. Why is that?
  6. lol, yeah mathematical biology will be fun to study. If anything, I'm along for the ride! The "one step at a time" philosophy works well here. I am also immensely anxious to know if I got in!
  7. Is this only for the pure Math program, or does it apply to the Applied Math and Computational Science as well?
  8. Woo! That was the quote of the day for the grad cafe! The situation is precarious. Schools don't require an answer until April 15. I think we are all anxious, but from a distanced perspective, hearing earlier will not change our future, except for our own adrenaline levels in our blood hehe.
  9. hehe, yeah I actually just read on their website that a Master's student can transfer to the PhD program in 1 year. That's comforting I guess. Hopefully we're getting the email because they have RA money What background do you come from? I'm a chemical engineering major. I'm kind of scared of making no money and having no job by going into mathematical biology. But, I suppose it's noble to do what you want to do rather than something lucrative that you don't want to do. For example, one of my professors went to a mathematical biology conference and 80% of the post-doc's were unemployed, he said.
  10. I applied to the Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Math (or whatever it is haha). I really like their mathematical biology research. So I'm interested in their mathematical bio program. UBC is prob. my top school! I'll be so excited if I get in! I'd loooove to be in Vancouver too! Don't worry, I have BS degree too, and I applied for the PhD. They said if you are rejected from the PhD, you will be admitted to the MS degree. I'm afraid about funding there though... I think you have to pay tuition if you are a master's student, which is 6K/yr. On an 18K stipend, that leaves 12K to live on in Vancouver... a little crazy I'd say. What are you interested in?
  11. I got an email from a professor too! I wonder if it is an informal acceptance. I imagine they wouldn't send the email to people that don't have the credentials! Are you applying for a Master's or PhD? Did the professor reply to you yet?
  12. Has anyone heard anything from The University of British Columbia Applied Math program?
  13. So I'm just curious... Most science-oriented people that want to get their Ph.D. are passionate about learning more about their fields (let's hope). My question is, for your IDEAL mate, would you want them to be in the same field as you so that you can discuss work/ work together? For example, could you honestly date an accountant?
  14. Everyone has a different happiness vs. money curve (with all other variables affecting happiness held constant). As a gauge of how materialistic I am: Are you afraid that your only option in Applied Math will be academia? Are you afraid that you will wish that you had done something where more money was involved (finance, law, engineering even)? For example, Northwestern posted that, last year, 100% of its graduates went to post-docs. Given the history of the percentage that went into post-docs in recent years, this is because of a lack of jobs in industry. I'm afraid that I will be stuck making 70K as a professor for my whole life. Yes, 70K is decent... But it'd be nice to think that you could make more.
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