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  1. Thanks for the feedback! DsMarjeeling, I have talked a bit with advisors each department. My anthro advisor essentially said "Too bad, you should have expected this when you signed up for dual degrees, deal with it." He also tried to claim that I failed to tell them about my plans to do the dual degrees when I applied- I double checked my personal statement and I definitely talked about the two degrees. The other department has pretty much said "Yes, people don't finish on time, but our part of the degree is very lock-step so when people take longer its not OUR fault, it's usually the other de
  2. Hi all, I am a second year graduate student dealing with some issues and I'm having a hard time deciding just how mad I should be and how aggressively I should fight this. I thought that getting some outside opinions would be really helpful for getting a better sense of whether I'm overreacting or if I'm in the right. Basically, I am in the 2nd year of a 3 year dual masters degree program. I came here thinking, “Wow, an MA and MBA in three years, what a great idea!” The first year was great. I took a heavier than average course load, maintained a 4.0, and started work on my thesis- but the
  3. Thanks a ton for all your responses- they've all been very helpful. I will be seeing him tomorrow, and it will be interesting to see if we can sit down and have a real conversation or if he will be distracted/scattered again. I did also email two other professors in the department and express interest in meeting with them to discuss what I phrased as "general career/advising questions." Tomorrow I will also be getting coffee with one of my advisors older students. Interestingly enough, the same day that words were exchanged with my advisor she contacted me and said that she felt like she h
  4. At this moment, I am not planning to continue with a PhD. It's not out of the question in the future, but since I am working on two masters degrees I don't want to rush into a PhD immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone in the department who has switched advisors, which makes me worry that it is frowned upon. However, our department handbook does allow for it so I imagine it MUST come up occasionally. I do hope to talk to him about this more, but he is difficult to pin down or communicate with. Thanks for your response!
  5. Thanks for your insight. I'm sure you are absolutely correct that I took this too personally and that is definitely a flaw of mine in general. I think part of my reaction is that, to be honest, I don't think he is particularly committed to me as an advisee. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is hard to get him to take the time to discuss my ideas and plans- the conversation we had today only happened at all because he had me follow him to lunch in a spare 20 minutes he had before class. I feel pretty disrespected that he picked a moment where he was wolfing down his lunch and about to run o
  6. Thanks for your response! It was indeed a discussion rather than an email which leads to one of my other issues with him- he is always rushing around and rarely takes the time to sit down and talk with me. This particular conversation happened while he literally had me follow him to pick up his lunch with 20 minutes to spare before he had to teach a class, so it wasn't a great moment for an involved talk that allowed me to respond to his comment at length. I think it was very unfair to drop a bomb like that on me while he was eating his lunch and checking his watch to see when he needed to lea
  7. I am a first year MA student in the social sciences and I thought that my graduate career was off to a great start. I finished my first semester (in which I had a slightly heavier than average course load) with a 4.0 and in my first semester review I was told I am making "excellent progress" and that one faculty member noted that I show "exceptional promise." However, today my advisor told me that he doesn't think I am showing commitment. It stung, but I honestly saw it coming, as I never really felt like we clicked or understood each other particularly well. I am quite upset and unsur
  8. Hi everyone, I too will (most likely) be at Boulder this coming fall! I've been accepted into their dual MA Anthropology and MBA program. I've begun looking into housing and it's daunting to say the least. Is anyone else considering on-campus graduate housing?
  9. lumbarmoose

    Boulder, CO

    Not bad by Boulder standards! How did you go about finding roommates? I'll be conducting the entire housing/roommate search from another state so I'm still trying to figure out how exactly to go about all this!
  10. lumbarmoose

    Boulder, CO

    I did look at the ones through the University and those prices seemed fairly reasonable (though still high) to me. However I was scanning some apartment listing sites for off campus complexes and I saw studios going for as high as $1400 a month. Yikes!
  11. lumbarmoose

    Boulder, CO

    Also, if anyone is on the hunt for a possible roommate, shoot me a message. As I research apartments I become more and more horrified by the prices!
  12. lumbarmoose

    Boulder, CO

    I assume many of those giving advice have attended CU Boulder, and I'm wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom about graduate housing through the university. I've glanced at the website and it certainly seems that it might potentially be cheaper than living off campus, but I'm a little suspicious of what the quality of graduate housing might be like. Any thoughts/warnings/experiences to share?
  13. I have no words of wisdom but I just HAVE to comment on Anthrogeek's awesome typo and its layers of meaning =P Ah, higher education and the gradual accumulation of doubt AND debt!
  14. ' I emailed them a few days ago and haven't received a response. They're the only school I haven't heard from yet so I hope we hear soon- I need to start making some decisions!
  15. Ouch. Thanks for the heads up, at least now I know.
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