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  1. One of the "foundations" courses - the political philosophy/theory course.
  2. I hope you enjoy your course at Oxford - I was involved with creating the reading list for one of the courses so I hope it's interesting!
  3. Sure, I'm nothing special though. Degrees: BA from Queen's (overall average around 82% maybe; politics average 84%) MSc from the London School of Economics (distinction) MSc Oxford (distinction) DPhil Oxford (currently in 1st year) Other stuff: 3 years policy experience in the government of Ontario (between the two masters degrees) No publications 3 conferences (2 grad, 1 'normal') Convenor of a conference at Oxford Editor of an Oxford-based student journal Research assistant for an Oxford prof handful of college and department scholarships over the years
  4. I just got my letter! Successful! In Politics, score 21.7, direct applicant from the UK.
  5. No I haven't. I checked my pidge at 12:15 and then again just now (1:45) and there was nothing. I'm not sure if the mail had arrived yet or not though. Going to check again at 4pm. I keep coming up with excuses to go to college!! The porters must think I'm crazy...
  6. A friend of mine was told she won the Commonwealth about a week and a half or two weeks ago. She's from South Africa so unless people are nominated by the central UK office, timing could vary.
  7. Fellow Oxonians - if it arrived in France today, maybe tomorrow will be the day for us!! I really feel like all this anticipation is just setting me up for even worse disappointment if it's bad news...
  8. Ya I find that you mail something in the uK and it arrives the next day.
  9. Every day since Wednesday I've had an intuition that "today is the day." And yet every day it hasn't been the day. I'd really like to have hope for tomorrow but I can't seem to muster it. Canada Post says it takes 4-7 business days to post something internationally. Somewhere like the UK should be on the bottom of that average since it's not, you know, Timbuktu. So if it takes 4 days to get to the UK and then 1 day once in the UK (since Royal Mail is super quick) it should be 5 business days total which, even if you don't include the day it was mailed, means it should have arrived today or tomorrow at the latest. Yes...I've been thinking about this too much.
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