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  1. finished interviews! yay time to make a choice!

  2. i have been on an interview at Mt Sinai and i am a domestic applicant. i don't think doing phone interviews reduces your chances. if you could go in person you would want to go in person because that way they get a sense of you as person and a graduate student. also visiting is also good since you can meet the graduate students and ask them questions that you may have. you can also get a feel for what the institution is like and you can also see the place that you will be spending the next 5 years of your life. from what i can tell mount sinai is international friendly. almost 50% of their students are international, at least that is what they told us. they also have some really good faculty and it would be nice if you can meet them and see if you would like to rotate in their labs. hope that helps.
  3. did anyone get accepted to UCSF?
  4. got invites from UCSF, UNC, yale, cornell and columbia. yay!
  5. im in the sciences and so far i have heard that business casual is fine. i think if you were a suit that might put you a bit out of place since i have rarely seen any science professors in a suit. i guess business casual is ok for the ivies too if you are in sciences? yes or no? anyone? im from CA and my professors are the khaki kind of guys and button ups for most women.
  6. i heard from some others that the attire is business casual. would that be the same if you are interviewing at public university or an ivy?
  7. I always wonder for people in the sciences, how do you end up in the current lab that you are in? What sort of criteria are you looking for when joining a lab? How do can one avoid being an unhappy camper? How do you evaluate potential PIs? What sorts of Journal Publications are good and which ones are not so good? What do you look for in PIs track record? any help would be appreciated.
  8. i got an experiment to work! after 48 years of trying! lol
  9. i forgot to the word "the" in my application to UNC but they're the first university to invite for an interview =) i guess it doesn't matter so much as long the sentence made sense
  10. i got a phone call just now from UNC BBSP for a january interview!!! im so excitedDDDDDDD!
  11. i think it will be best to think about it in january. it seems like most of the program i applied to just finished their deadlines and are probably organizing the adcom...
  12. My GRE's aren't stellar either. but my grades and letters should be good too. lets hope for the best
  13. hehe i just noticed a lot of the people here do neuroscience. i have a friend who is now attending UCSF and his profile looks similar to most of the ones i have seen here.
  14. oh ok. i'll just freak out some more then. lol
  15. i don't know... i feel anxious like in a freaking out mode!!!! some people got interviews already and i have not... i wondered too if it had to do with the program...sigh*** i wish UCSFFFFF will take me...but that is wishful thinking
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