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  1. I am currently a first year teaching assistant for the General Chemistry classes at my university, and one of my students from last semester has asked me for letters of rec to apply to summer research labs. I think asking the professor who taught the class would carry much more weight, especially since he's pretty well known. What do you guys think? How should I go about this?
  2. UC San Diego has pictures of last year's visitation weekend. These might be helpful to get an idea of what to wear: http://ucsdchemopportunities.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/visitation-weekend-photos-2013/ It looks like most people just wear normal clothes. I think you would be fine with shirt + jeans, or a dress shirt at the most for meetings with faculty and poster presentations.
  3. I just checked mine right now and it's blue too. Also, have any of you received an official letter of admission from Yale? I've had a professor email me that I would be accepted way back in December, but still no official letter with stipend and other information. It's making me worry that they might have changed their minds or something.
  4. Were you notified that you'll need an interview? A professor just emailed me saying that the department is going to accept me, but there's no information about any interviews in the email or on Yale's graduate admissions and chemistry department webpages.
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