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  1. The website didn't say much, so I called and asked. They said that if a professor is interested, they'll contact you, but they're still reviewing applications. They should have contacted people by the end of next week at the latest, because the visiting weekend is in early February.
  2. Hi all! Does anyone know when you might hear back from UBC for a Master's (experimental/health psych)? I don't know if they contact MS applicants at the same time as they do PhDs or not, or if MS students have interviews or not. And there's not much info on the webpage (I don't even know how you would check your application status). Do you all know anything about this?? Thank you!!!
  3. Get a job in a lab!!! And I, too, am absolutely terrified by this!!
  4. Out of curiosity: I know that all clinical programs have interview processes. What is it like for experimental programs? Do they have interviews as well? Or do experimental students just have to wait to hear whether or not they are accepted/rejected?
  5. Iowa actually sent out all its interview invites, not just for social. Or at least that's what I've heard from someone who emailed the department to ask.
  6. There are people who have posted on the Results Search that they got rejected by UIowa when they checked the website. I'm just wondering, for those who applied there--is that checking ISIS and looking at your Admissions Profile or something else? Because there, mine just says "In Progress", and if there's somewhere else to actually see a more definitive answer, that would be awesome!! lol I'm just really confused.
  7. I know there's the results search, I just thought that having a list of schools that have definitely had all interviews sent out (not just some here or there), so there's no chance of getting an interview anymore, might be useful. Especially to have the list in one place and not having to go through everyone's individual results.
  8. Hi all!! Since we're all waiting now...ugh (i.e. panic)!! I was thinking that it could be a good idea for anyone who's heard from a professor/school that all the interviews there have been sent out to maybe post it here? At least that way others who've applied there know, too! Good luck to everyone!! I really mean it!! I obviously know how stressful it is going through it myself, and hope for the best for everyone else!!
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