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  1. So does each country have three alternates? (I'm assuming ranked in some way) Or does the number of alternates vary based on the total number of grants?
  2. can i applaud the suggestion of free online pac-man? made my day.
  3. I'm cool with the idea of doing some sort of Alternate spreadsheet...just let us know if you make one!
  4. I'm an alternate for Taiwan ETA.
  5. haha yes, I would email again, but I've done it too recently.
  6. I saw someone asking about whether we knew anyone who had rejected or decided against a Fulbright....I know one person who considered turning it down because they were worried about one of their current job offers. Personally, I think I'd choose Fulbright, because I feel your chances of a job after returning would be quite high. But I know that sometimes that risk combined with the schedules of some grants is quite complicated. Also the field you are going into may have something to do with it.
  7. To my fellow Taiwan applicants: I contacted Jonathan about our notifications this morning, and he responded with the email below. Only a little bit more waiting! Fingers crossed! We are hoping that the notification letters for Taiwan will go out at the end of this week or early next week and they will be sent to the current address listed on the Fulbright application. Sincerely, Jonathan
  8. Yeah hoping to hear in the next week or two. I didn't know anyone had contacted our director, thats cool...let us know if you email him again!
  9. Congrats! My fingers are crossed to hear about Taiwan in the next week or two....or three haha. Good to hear some of the Asian countries are starting to hear word.
  10. I figured that must be how they arrange it. Thanks for the input! Yeah its definitely crazy to wait until April to possibly leave in June. That was why I figured they must set-up programs of their own, probably in Taipei. Good luck! Here's to a few more weeks of waiting.
  11. I'm a Taiwan ETA applicant, so I'm thinking I'll hear back the first week of April or so (according to last years thread). This is a little off the topic of some of the posts but...Does anyone who applied for CLEA know how the process works if we are accepted? For Taiwan ETAs, you must do the two month summer program, go to Taiwan orientation in September, then do private tutoring during the year (since the schedule is not really flexible). Since we put a program and university on our CLEA application, will Fulbright prepare that if you are selected? Like set up and register, etc? Maybe some people with Fulbrighter friends will have some idea?
  12. so it seems that people have been getting letters to their permanent addresses?
  13. OHMYGOD I'M A FINALIST FOR FULBRIGHT. OH MY GOSH . I applied for a Taiwan ETA after having been told my Hong Kong ETA was cancelled. Oh man, I feel like my chest just exploded. Got the email from IIE 6:18 Eastern time.
  14. I'm sorry. Do you mean you received a response from IIE? Or your university advisors?
  15. Yeah I emailed my campus advisor asking if the Office of Fellowships would notify us or if we would be waiting until we received our own email. She mentioned the same thing about hearing "before the end of the day" via an email from Fulbright. So I'm guessing they must have said that to all advisors. So close. A few hours ? FINGERS CROSSED
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