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  1. flinki

    Columbus, OH

    Hey guys! My girlfriend and I have both been accepted to graduate programs at OSU and will be moving from abroad to Columbus this fall. I have two questions, that I was hoping someone here might be able to answer: 1) All the grad-housing on campus seems to be meant for either single students or married students - does anyone know it there is any on-campus housing available for unmarried couples without children? 2) If we'll be staying off campus, we will probably need around two weeks to find the right place. The only temporary housing available seems to be for those who have on-campus housing contracts for the academic year... then there are hotels/motels obviously, but that's way to expensive. Is there really no affordable option for students needing temporary housing while they settle in and find off-campus housing? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for the info - guess the uncertainty is over for me then!
  3. Do you know if this also applies to the PhD program in Political Economy and Government?
  4. Congrats on the admit GoC! Do you know if they have sent out all the admissions for the PEG program? Or for that matter, how many they accepted?
  5. For the sake of anonymity, let's just say I'm Scandinavian What about you?
  6. The time difference is a bit annoying for us Europeans... but hopefully we'll hear something this afternoon!
  7. Has anyone called Berkeley about their acceptances? I'm still in denial... hoping that a second batch is coming...
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