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  1. Thanks for sharing such an valuable info with us. That makes much more sense. ( 2014 data ) I was surprised as I think, $64000 vs $120 is a huge difference. (double amount!)
  2. Thanks, As a student preparing for Ph.D degree, I am curious about the starting salaries, and 120k+ seems really high for me, and I don't think it is reasonable to all students. But I also think that $64000 as a starting salary introduced by a different website is not reasonable as well. I assume about 90~100K is the general starting salary for the ph.d student. Do you agree with that? Is there any other place in which I can find general statistics for the starting salaries for ph.d chemistry student?
  3. Thanks, Chai. Then what about the salary of chemist with Ph.D? Is it too high also? A few of my friends got about $95000 after graduation I think, but I think those friends got the paycheck higher than the average.
  4. Hi all, Recently I saw the chart below showing us the average ph.d chemist salary in US. Is it reasonable? It seems really high for me. another website shows that the average is $64,000, which makes me confused. If you know the general standard, could you help me to set up the general average? Thanks.
  5. REALLY??? unbelievable...
  6. Don't you agree with the saying that 140K is a huge amount? I think there are so many well known awesome chemistry professors who are paid much less than that...but most dentist can earn at least 100k as soon as they graduate. seems..unnatural to me frankly...
  7. Hi, This might be a routine topic, but what do you think? For salary, dentist is much higher ( median : $140000 ) than that of Ph.D chemist, (about $80000?) and these days the social reputation might be...I don't know, but dentist might have slightly higher reputation than chemist. Is there any other things which can be a stronger points for being a chemist compared to the dentist? What do you think, frankly?
  8. I think...ULCA is now starting to send out rejection emails...?
  9. Hi guys. I have a tricky question. I've got an offer from a school. It's a very good school for me, but it's not my top choice for personal reason. Let's call this school "A school". I am still waiting for the decision from another school which is my top choice but an officer in that school said that it might be possible for me to receive the offer later than 15th April...and this is the "school B" If I don't receive the offer before then, I have to accept the offer from A school. Then...if...though the possibility is small...I receive the offer from the school B, what should I say to the A school? It's really complicated.. but I think this happens every year for some students. Any advice? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, I was going to visit a school during its visiting weekend, but now I can't come because of personal reason. I don't want to be seemed rude. If I politely say them not to come to its visiting, would it have a negative effect on my graduate school life? Thanks,
  11. And it seems you already have acceptances from many schools better than UCLA . Congratulations.
  12. Hi, How did you know that? Did you give them a call or receive an email recently?
  13. Hi future chemists, Does anyone know about any updated news from Wisconsin? I know that they had the first visiting weekend, but haven't sent big reject mails to the students. Hope they are still not making all decisions...
  14. Congratulations! What's your division?
  15. As I mentioned before, I can see in the result page that 2 or more international students received admission from Wisconsin recently. If you see this post, can I ask your division? Thanks!
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