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  1. I would greatly appreciate hearing about others' phone interview experiences. Pleeeaazzz. Phones are not my forte.
  2. I've been offered a funding package that involves 1.5 - 2 years of service-free study time (which is awesome)... but approximately 3 years of a 2-2 TA situation. To me, that sounds pretty heavy. Another school has offered a 2-1 situation... I would to hear what others have been offered. I'd like to have some idea what the norm is these days.
  3. Oh goodness no. Even beyond concerns regarding the inappropriateness of bringing children (and parents?!?)...I'm looking forward to these visits as a sort of vacation from such family obligations!! Haha...
  4. I'm not part of what I would call the "Harry Potter Crowd"... but if you look at what BowTiesAreCool was responding to.. there was a brief period where all I had posted was 'S.' (I definitely had to look that one up too...)
  5. I seriously choked on my coffee when I read your post. I had written this looooong question... and then accidentally deleted it (argh). I've since reposted a much briefer version (more than an "s") To everyone else...thank you for your input. It does sound reasonable to bring him along and send him off to scope out the town whilst I network etc. I most definitely DO NOT expect the department to dish out funds for him (though he feels differently...I will have to work on that!!). I wanted to be sure that this assumption wasn't completely crazy. I will be discussing it, among other thi
  6. I've received two acceptances thus far, and have been invited to come and visit...expenses paid. My spouse would very much like to come along to check out the location he may possibly be spending the next 5+ years. Fair enough. With regards to leverage, impression and making the most of the opportunity, however, is this a 'leave the spouse at home' kind of situation?
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