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  1. How many credits per semester is a full course load? Is it three classes or four? How long did it take you to complete your degree? What is the best way to get library experience while at school? (is it through an internship that you find through the school or did you apply to internships yourself?) Were you able to get a job fairly quickly after you graduated from your program? How many hours per week did you work while in school? Also, did you get your internship right away? Could you explain that process to me?
  2. I want to attend Pratt or St. John's but don't think I can swing the cost. I've taken out so many loans for my previous grad degree. And I just fear taking out that much more. Pratt and St. John's are literally three times the cost. Did you think all of CUNY's courses were outdated? I checked the courses out online and it seems like many of them are similar to the courses at Pratt and St. John's (i.e. the core courses). As far as the electives go, unfortunately, CUNY only offers one course in the concentration I am interested in. I wish CUNY was a better program too. The cost of just two classes at Pratt is about half the cost of the entire program at CUNY. I hope the program at CUNY isn't totally outdated though. I don't realistically have another option b/c of tuition. Did you consider St. John's? It's the same cost as Pratt pretty much. I'm just curious. Also, do you know anyone who attended CUNY? What did they say about the program?
  3. All the schools I am looking into are ALA-accredited (CUNY, Pratt, St. John's). I want to attend CUNY-Queens college because it is so much cheaper and I already have serious student loans from my previous graduate program. I have compared the course selections at each school and CUNY actually has pretty good courses and many quite similar to Pratt and St. John's. However, the other two schools have some specialty classes in the concentration I'm interested in. I'm not sure if spending three times as much on the program is worth it though. Has anyone compared these programs? What do you think? As an aside, have those of you who have completed or know people who have completed an MLS/MLIS program have any insight on the job market? I really hope it is not extremely difficult to land a job.
  4. Hey sorry I don't have any info about your question. But, as I am in NY too, I thought I'd ask you why you decided on Pratt? I am debating between Pratt and CUNY. CUNY is much less expensive and I really don't want to take out such serious loans for the Pratt MLIS. Did you consider CUNY?
  5. Does it matter if the program is an MLIS or MLS program? CUNY has an MLS program and Pratt has an MLIS program. I understand what the differences are. I'm just curious if anyone has insight as to whether a degree from Pratt is really that much more useful than a degree from CUNY. The cost difference is extreme and I really do not want to get further in debt if it is not necessary. Any additional info would be great! FYI, I am interested in being a law librarian.
  6. apost


    I'm based in NY and am thinking of applying to a Library Science program for the Fall or Spring 2014 semesters. I am debating between CUNY and Pratt and Rutgers. Some people seem to say that an MLIS program is much more useful than a MLS program. Do you agree? Why? Also, is it really worth the extra money to apply to Pratt instead of CUNY? The difference in cost is huge. Are job prospects really affected by whether or not the program was an MLS or MLIS? If anyone could weigh in on this, that would be awesome. The cost difference is huge and I need some advice.
  7. I am trying to decide between an MLIS and MLS program in NYC as well. The program at CUNY is much more affordable. Is the difference in terms of employment prospects and preparation for the job worth the extra money? I'm interested in working as a law librarian at a law library. If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.
  8. are employment decisions affected by what school the MLS comes from? I was thinking of applying to the CUNY Queens program because it is a lot less expensive and I already have a graduate degree from a top university.
  9. was it difficult to get a job at the new york public library? i am thinking of applying for an MLS for fall 2014. I'd like to get some experience in a libary. I wouldn't mind volunteering either but looked online and throught i saw that the volunteering, internship and job positions required that the applicant already be a student in a LS program?
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