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  1. I really wish that Departments would be more transparent and respond faster. I received an response TODAY about an email I sent in JANUARY asking if my third letter was received. The response from the DGS was: I have not received the letter, but our committee has already reviewed your file and you do not need to send it. Great. If they have made a decision (which has to be a rejection) and they have notified other applicants about their status, why couldn't she just tell me straight out it was a rejection? My status on the website isn't updated, but I know they have communicated rejections over email in the past. It almost seems like I am on a wait list, but so low the decision isn't final. Anybody else have feelings on evasive replies?
  2. Kamisha--For a few reasons: I think there my be a lot of hesitation that I didn't finish at UW--even though I tried to frame it like I left because it wasn't a good fit instead of going into the personal crises; It seems much more competitive now than it did in 2007 when I was accepted to UW; I am at the point in my life where I need to move on and start over: Applying to grad school means that everything is potentially temporary because you (hope) you will be leaving soon. That very much affects starting relationships, employment choices and even financial decisions. If I were younger or had not experienced so much uncertainty/instability for so long (I have moved like 10 times in the past 4 years, the divorce left me in a not great financial situation, etc. etc.) and didn't have the liability of that unfinished program I might try again. I'm certainly not suggesting that other people give up. But I think it is time to stop trying to regain what I've lost and start completely over.
  3. Thank You for the responses. I appreciate it. I guess I won't be finishing my PhD. This is especially hard for me because I was in the PhD. program at UW-Madison 4 years ago. I withdrew (not because of grades, I had a 3.95) when I was ABD because of an extremely traumatic divorce and death of my sister (at the same time). In the interim my advisor and another prof on my committee left. Because I was gone for more than a semester( I left in HJan of 2010) I have to apply for readmission--which would seem to be more of a sure thing than applying for the first time, but in reality it is not. Also, in order to even be considered I have to pre-arrange an entire dissertation committee (with only one professor in my area at this point). I really thought it would be easy to get into another program that shared my interests. But I was wrong. It just sucks that I did so much work and can't finish. Even if I did attempt UW, I would have to wait for next year and moving back there ( all my friends are gone and my ex-husband (& fiancee still live) would be very difficult emotionally. I guess I'm going to move to Thailand.
  4. Anybody? I know my previous post was really long. I just feel like I would need to contact the DGS ASAP if I were to do anything?
  5. I have been trying to stay off this forum, but I am so anxious and upset right now. My third LOR is still missing even though I know the Prof sent it. I emailed Irvine again to ask if they had it (the second time). The grad coordinator did not really answer my question. He just said they were reviewing my application and if admitted I would have to submit the 3rd letter. I was a bit frustrated, because he kind of ignored what I had asked. I emailed him back and said I could easily send the right letter now if they were still making decisions, but if he felt it wasn't useful to let me know. He emailed me back "per my previous email, we are reviewing your application…" Which really seems to mean they don't care about the letter because they have rejected me, and to stop bothering him. If they really were still making a decision it would make sense for them to have me resend it just in case. There were so many difficulties applying to Irvine, they lost things, had wrong information, etc. Obviously the third letter didn't matter, but I wish they would have read it because I know it was a great letter. It seems unfair that they first lost the letter, then when the prof resent it not only lost it again (well really three times because the resend was emailed both to the DGS and department coordinator) but ignored the the email I sent to ensure the resend was received. I understand they can't tell you what your status is, but he could have said something like "we did not receive your third letter. We have reviewed your file and made a decision. You will receive the decision soon." Then it would be absolutely done. Instead he made it sound like they were still deciding, which is the only reason I made an attempt to resend the letter a third time. Now I just feel like an idot. And rejected. But still with that terrible anxiety about doing everything I can if there is even the smallest chance. Why did he give me hope and pretend the app. was still being reviewed? And on the off chance things are not final, why can't I resend the letter? I mean, they lost it--or at the very least they ignored my inquiries about it. Part of me feels like I should just have the prof resend the letter to the DGS JUST IN CASE because the grad coordinator and DGS often are not on the same page. (at one point the coordinator told me there was absolutely NO WAY review my application because they didn't have me transcript by Dec 15th, but when i emailed the DGS he told me to go ahead and send the transcript and they would indeed review my app--which brings top the question why they didn't tell me the LOR was missing then). I know this seems hopeless, but I would really appreciated feedback. Should I try the DGS, just in case they are still in review???Please give me your thoughts, as I don't want to be further humiliated. I mean it really seems like the coordinator is telling me I have been (or soon will be) denied. Right?? Any input would help, because I am SO confused.
  6. Lyoness, I so appreciate the info--I sent you a message about an email with the dept. I had-- but as a general question: are there still admits to be contacted this week? Or just rejections? I take it the "wait list" and perhaps an occasional admit would be a bit further ?
  7. Kamisha--I'm glad you changed your list of schools you applied to so that you don't have implied rejections. We don't ever really know. I mean I wouldn't ever do it, but it crossed my mind that you could mess with a lot of people just by making up posts--it is a rich and unexplored venue for terrorism.
  8. I guess I have a different view pumpkinpasty. The phone call was under a minute and I asked for very general information. I understand departments are busy, but we did pay almost 100$ in an application fee. It is too bad that the results board causes so much anxiety. I almost wish I had never seen it, to be honest. But now I'm fixated. And if a 45 second phone call can relieve some of my anxiety, then I'm all for it. I think I would feel differently if I had repeatedly bothered them with difficult questions, but my query didn't make any extra work for anyone--I doubt it set anything important back. Also, once you have an admit, I think your perspective changes a bit. The terrible thing about anxiety is it isn't rational. Once the anxiety has lifted, it is probably a little easier to just let things go. I'm really not trying to be argumentative, its just that at first I felt bad when I read the post, like I had been extremely inappropriate. But then when I thought about it I reconsidered, and I didn't want to leave your comment as the only word out there, in case there are others who are thinking about a quick call that could put them out of their misery.
  9. No problem Kamisha, I am a sad little stalker. what do you think about the U of MN email, I mentioned in the earlier post? I need to get off this site.
  10. Yep. I'm also Dirty Window. BUT I just called. I didn't give my name--but Malcolm Bourne said they have NOT sent out all the acceptances yet. So there is hope. Not much, but hope.
  11. Wow--my typos are terrible. Too bad about Irvine. That is really depressing.
  12. Weird. Maybe you guescan give me some insight. I had a late LOR ( the prof was in the hospital). I had emailed MN a while ago about it. The grad com got back to me and said°- we look at all applications, regardless of a missing letter. Those applications are not the first ones we look at, though." So, does that mean I'm screwed and they really are not considering me or just that that is why I have not been notified? You think shed just say at this point, sorry you didn't get in. Half of me wants to think they are still deciding. The other half thinks this is a lead in for rejection. Kamisha-- are you assuming Irvine based on that acceptance? What did Davis say?
  13. It is too bad is such an upsetting process. I'd pretty much given up on Irvine, and I wanted it so badly!! But the post about it perhaps being comp lit has started me up again. I don't know if that is good or bad. I'm very sorry for everyone with bad news. I'm sure I will be in that category shortly. It helps me to think that in a year or two this won't really even matter anymore-- I will laugh about it, because I ( as will Everyone) inevitably have to move on. And I just read that some 70% of PhDs in the teaching fields are adjuncts that do not make a living wage. So maybe this agony will end up saving people from a lifetime of poverty.
  14. Hey Horb-- they do a really bad job updating the web portal-- so they might have it. Please post how tomorrows call goes. It does seem like they accept everyone the same day, so I'm not holding my breath.
  15. For NYU people ( I'm not) one of my LORs is a prof there. He said many programs -- including English-- won't hear back until perhaps the 2nd week of March. Obviously, this is more rumor than super reliable inside info.
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