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  1. I meant affect-- that's pretty bad. I'm gonna blame my stupid tablet.
  2. Thanks. I did see it. Well, let me know if you hear anything. Although, I should mention that I am in MN and I know the U has been closed several days (including today) because it has been so cold. So that may effect the timeline.
  3. I checked, I don't see anything about Feb. 1. I put phone number in the phone number box, but there was no additional information about dates. Are you sure it was on the App?
  4. Not at all--I don't remember that question on the app. I hope I filled it out. Being neurotic, I'm gonna check.
  5. "Awaiting Program Decision." I'm not super set on MN--they don't really have much in my area. BUT I live here, I have a relationship here, ect., ect., I think I have pretty strong Stats-169V GRE and 3.94 grad gpa, but like I said, I might not be seen as a good fit because I'm interested in critical theory and Romanticism. I just want to KNOW
  6. For the English PhD. students applying at U of MN for 2014, what does your status say??
  7. Well, sometimes reaches pay off. Usually for other people...but hey, since you are "other" you have a pretty good shot. This is terrible, but I have been so anxious I've made my sister and her boyfriend call departments and ask questions about when acceptances will go out. I'm afraid they will recognize my voice, although rationally I know if they were going to let me in, just calling too many times wouldn't make them rescind the offer. But I'm crazy enough that it seems that way. Speaking of reaches, I applied to UPenn, but I have to say that grad coordinator there has been the nicest so far. I had a late LOR and she emailed me. She was just really sweet, wishing me luck and commiserating about the anxiety.
  8. This is sucha sad way to spend Saturday night. But I am too anxious to really do anything else.
  9. Horb--whatever you do, do not call the grad coordinator about the late stuff. He will shoot you down. When I emailed Prof. Christensen, I pointed out that it was really unfair to penalize us for anything that was late as 1) the application checker pretty much guaranteed its own inaccuracy (due to the amount of materials, this website is 3 weeks behind--or something like that) 2) If the tracker thing is completely unreliable AND we are not to call the Dept until Feb 1st, there is effectively NO WAY of knowing whether anything got there. I'd just briefly mention that because it sort of puts them in the position of fault and I would think they would be more likely to give you leeway.
  10. BTW, when I looked at the results from last year for English at Irvine it seemed they came later, at least the middle of Feb. But it was pretty clear the final meeting was the 21st. So I don't understand the hold up anyway.
  11. Here is the link: https://services.adcom.uci.edu/approgress/progress/viewApplication.htm you need to use the user name and password from you online app. It does give the GRE scores, though.
  12. There are 3 different application trackers--one I think is for undergrad. But there is the gateway one we were referred to and another one that is called something like Application Review Portal (ARP). But now that I think about it, it was the grad coordinator who told me they had my scores. Plus Prof. Christensen told me nothing else was missing in one of his emails. I'll go check and post the link.
  13. Now I'm scared about the GRE scores. But on the application tracker it says the have arrived. It is possible that the grad coordinator has been on "opposite day" for an extended period of time. He gave me completely false information, more than once. If you still need to send in materials and the grad coordinator tells you it's a waste of time, I'd go over his head to Professor Christensen. His email is jchris@uci.edu--I've emailed him so many times I'm embarrassed.
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