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  1. Well, like I said, I'd be happy to complete my PhD at this program - it's an exciting opportunity in many ways. Not to mention, unlike anywhere else, they seem to really want me. The program is just not highly ranked; and their placements are good if you take that into consideration but certainly not at the level of a top 10 school. Consequently, I simply think that it would be in my best interest to attempt to apply again to some of those higher ranked programs that a) I believe I might fit better at; and b ) have demonstrably higher/better placement histories. However, it's not a guarant
  2. Not to keep adding fuel to this particular fire (though, I suppose I am), but I'm finding myself in this situation right now. I could take a lesser offer after getting 9 demoralizing rejections, but I'd be doing so with the idea that I would at least attempt to apply elsewhere next year. I'd be content (even excited) to finish my degree at the first institution, I wouldn't move across the country if that wasn't the case. However, it seems self-defeating and needlessly loyal to not at least attempt to better position myself for an academic job later on. Now, the alternative is to sit a
  3. Just heard from Yale via the website. That's 9/9 for me and I guess I'm tapping out for this cycle. I'm wondering what schools would be my best bet with regards to getting some good feedback (Maybe UT or UW?). If nothing else this cycle strengthened my resolve to pursue an academic career. On the plus side I get to stay where I'm living for another year and put off all of the sad goodbyes. Also, knowing definitively I can actually get back to my regular life (after a satisfactory amount of consolation drinking, of course), and back to working on my master's thesis. Relatedly, does a
  4. I'm inclined to think you're right. Though, looking at last year, there were 13 acceptances and 2-3 waitlists over the course of the cycle. I'm comparative with a Middle East, North Africa focus, so Im not sure if Susan Hyde is the POC for that or not.
  5. Any idea if all of the Yale acceptances went out today?
  6. I'm slowly coming to grips with the necessity for a plan B (not that it never occurred to me, it's just that the idea of going back into think tank or government work is pretty unattractive to me at this point). I was wondering, are there any good programs that do rolling or Spring admissions? Or, if I get shut out am I better off just waiting another year? I was chatting with one of my professors about using this year to teach at community colleges, etc. and he said that if I'm going to try again the best thing is to get further research experience. Where I'm living currently has lik
  7. Hmm, I read it as a non-minority making a glib comment that they should have identified as a minority in order to get whatever supposed benefit that would yield w/r/t admissions. Maybe I'm just jumping to the more cynical conclusion at this point. Your reading is certainly giving the poster the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Well, after Northwestern and Stanford today, things are looking pretty dire.
  9. I emailed UW about whether or not they had sent out all offers of admission: "We are getting all offers out as fast as we can." was the response.
  10. Hard to say, I emailed them yesterday and have yet to get a response. Time will tell, I suppose.
  11. Well, today hurts, but at least I heard something from somewhere. Rejected at: Emory, UT - Austin, UM, and Princeton. ouch. My already cynically qualified optimism is waning by the minute. Congrats to all who got good news today; and a commiserating pat on the back to all who got bad news...
  12. Only if Shia LeBeouf was DGS Congrats on Vandy and ND. Looks like Georgetown is calling in acceptances. I like that method, because I can't constantly refresh my phone (not that I applied there)...
  13. Not as extreme an example, but when applying for IR Master's programs I got into the IR and MPP programs - the latter which only admitted 4-6 people a year - at the University of Denver, while getting shut out at all of the State school programs I applied to.
  14. Congrats to all the UT admits (and all the others)! Two questions for any of you: those who posted recently, was the email from earlier this morning? Also, have you noticed a change on the website? edit: I'm pretty sure I checked my inbox 10 times during the time it took me to write this post. Trying to read Nozick while keeping on eye on my computer is at least improving my peripheral vision skills.
  15. Apparently UT-Austin is closed most of the day due to weather.
  16. Thanks! I'm trying to decide if they just blasted emails to all the admits or not, it's hard to gauge from last year's info. I suppose I'm not the best fit there, seeing as Ellis Goldberg's MENA interests and mine only tangentially intersect, but I was still hopeful. Staying in the PNW is a huge plus for me. Congrats again.
  17. Another potential is that 12 is how many students they offered funding to - i.e. the students they actually hope/expect to enroll. It's pretty odd wording, though, given my (albeit quite limited) understanding of the process. edit: To those claiming admits to UW: is your status in any way changed on the website? Congrats to all the acceptances, by the way : )
  18. I had this scare about a month ago. I looked and it said 'incomplete' and then I noticed that it also said they hadn't received my official physical transcripts. I then looked at the application instructions and, contrary to anywhere else, it said they needed both electronic and physical transcripts by the due date. So... I frantically emailed them and got a response that basically said this was not the case and electronic copies were fine for their current purposes and that everyone's application, including mine, was currently under review. Consequently, fret not about incomplete status a
  19. Yea, I saw that. I couldn't remember what date it said. Though that still puts next friday in the scope of the possible; assuming the veracity of that statement, of course. Also of note: apparently trying to grade papers while also refreshing grad cafe every five minutes really drags out the process.
  20. This is helpful, but I'll probably still be checking my phone all day tomorrow, regardless. The thought of another weekend without having heard back from anywhere is kind of a bummer. What else is likely next week? By my count it looks like UT-Austin, Emory, Northwestern, and Stanford are all possibilities (and Michigan).
  21. It's funny because it's not just schools I didn't apply to, but schools I almost applied to but decided not to. UC Berkley, Chicago, and NYU being the biggest offenders in this regard. It's weird because the only reason I'm now regretting not applying to those schools isn't that I'm suddenly thinking they are a good fit for me, but rather just that the waiting for some kind of response would be over with.
  22. What is the consensus about interviews - namely, for Emory or UW? Is an interview a necessary but insufficient requisite to receiving an eventual offer, or is it possible to still get an offer even if they never contacted you for an interview?
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