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  1. You'll find a way to make it work. It won't be easy at first, but once you find a comfortable pattern you'll be fine. babies just want attention, so I would read statistics flashcards to them in a Dr, Suess tone. They can't tell the difference. I also read my study guides into a voice recorder and listened to it with headphones while I rocked the baby to sleep. maybe I think too highly of myself, but I feel like I'm incredibly capable of multitasking since my babies trained me so well. Then again, that was for a master's degree, so the phd world may he much harder.
  2. I had a 2 year old and a newborn when I started my masters program. I actually did better than when i was an undergraduate with no family obligations. I worked all day, took care of the kids until they went to bed, then stayed up late studying. I usually spent about 8 hours on Saturday doing assignments. my previous job was 6 days a week, so it was the same for everyone. Sundays were 100% family time. Overall I think it worked out. Now my kids are 2 and 4, so I don't know if it will be worse or better if I start another program.
  3. I've had classes with Dr. Eck and Dr. Wilcox at UC. They run the Crime Science Institute. They just did a crime report for cincinnati. If you get accepted there you could get a few years experience working with them before you finish the program. Good luck. I'm more of a corrections person myself, but Dr. Eck almost converted me to situational prevention.
  4. No, I wish! I just put all my eggs in one basket and I can't stop thinking about Cincinnati.
  5. Then Cincinnati would be a great program for you. That's right up their alley.
  6. I'm currently 'on probation ' at work because I started less than 12 months ago. If I tell them Im quitting this Summer they could fire me immediately and I would lose my vacation time, sick time, and 401k matching. I have to keep it a secret until my 12 months are up, then put in 2 weeks notice and quit. I feel awful about it because I genuinely love this job and my supervisor.
  7. Any clever ways to tell your significant others that you finally got accepted? Nothing big and flashy, just a fun way to let them know the wait is over.
  8. He didn't say anything, but I once saw a student come to class 15 minutes late, sit in the front row, eat an entire McDonald's salad, throw the bowl in the trash, and leave. In another class I saw a student eat an entire box of dry waffle ice cream cones. They are very crunchy.
  9. That is shocking and terrifying. Why in the world would they prefer students who have less education and haven't proven they can do graduate level work? Just to fill a quota? I'm biased, but this doesn't seem to make any sense. On the plus side, if I'm completely rejected I have something to blame besides myself. I can hold a grudge against this ridiculous process. I think Sykes and Matza might say I'm neutralizing my conscience, but I'll take all the comfort I can get right now.
  10. I broke down and emailed the professor who referred me. He told me I was not being considered anymore, but I still haven't gotten official notification. I don't know why they are holding back letters if they've already decided. Maybe they have a big waiting list and they don't want to leave anyone out. I won't get my hopes up. He made it seem like I was not qualified to compete even though he offered to refer me. Devistating. UC was my 1st choice and I only have one more school pending. If I get a letter I'll post on the results page and let you know. Good luck.
  11. Congratulations. Did you already hear from Cincinnati then? This isn't a selfish question to gauge my chances. I've already been informally rejected. I have some sappy hero-worship for the researchers in Cincinnati, so I imagine everyone else does too.
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