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  1. Everyone is still away for the summer and I am looking for a way to do something in ArcGIS. I'm not actually sure what I am trying to do is called... so that's my problem. If anyone's here... I'll put up more info.
  2. I didn't realize the purple curtain I got was only one panel... looks like I need to get another one
  3. I think I have a solid 200 samples at home lol. There's a wholesale mineral show in two weekends. Gonna see what I can add to my office to make it more cheery
  4. @TakeruK People always like my office collection until they come to my house and see my real collection. I started calling my office "overflow" for all the stuff I don't have room for at home. I've started having to collect things in big glass vase like things to contain them I'm always worried that if I bring in anything nice that someone will steal it or it will just "go missing".
  5. Got some office pics you wanna share? What's your office look like? Did you score big or get shoved into the undesirable basement? I just go moved to a very desirable location, but the offices are some of the oldest around. I was left a yellow and brown 1970's teacher desk, a brown metal bookshelf, and very sticky-tacked walls. I just got some stuff to make it a little less depressing.
  6. Hey everybody, still alive here, just so busy that I haven't really had time to check this.
  7. I would prepare yourself for the potential reality of retaking the test. A lot of prep for the gre takes time, and 2 weeks isn't a lot of time.
  8. This is why when people ask me... to live alone or with a roomate? I always say live alone if you can afford it. The money you save isn't worth your sanity. The best option is obviously to find a hunky engineer lover like I did and move in with them, but I guess not everybody gets those kind of options. Lol.
  9. Wow... That's a no from me. Maybe its the parenting in me coming out, but I would have straightened her out already. Dont clean her dishes. If her pans are taking up the stovetop, start putting them in a box or plastic bag and removing them from the common area and putting them in her personal space. Same with other clutter. Dont clean up after her or she will just learn that if she leaves stuff out, it will bother you enough that you'll do it. Be direct. Actually tell her out loud "Stop putting shit on top of the trashcan when its full." "Stop leaving your god damn pots on the stove
  10. All of our grad socials seem to involve beer, pizza, bars, etc... Nothing of which I can have. Sigh.
  11. I let my alarm run every morning.... They run up the bed, down the bed, to the food dish, back across the bed, maybe step on my face.
  12. My little coffee pot for my deskspace finally shipped. Now I don't have to drink that shit that Starbucks calls coffee in the middle of the day. Yay.
  13. Not quite the same, but we would always have gobs of helicopter parents roaming the campus. In fact, I had one father walk into my restricted research lab to have the following conversation. Him: "Where is the office?" Me: "Which office are you looking for?" Him: "You know, like the front office?" Me: (OMG this isn't high school, it doesn't work that way) "We have 3 departments in this building, each with their own office. If you can tell me which office it is, I can tell you where it is." Him: "Do you sell LSU t-shirts here?" Me: "In my lab? No." After a lon
  14. Not that it is much help... but if you never come out of your office, and only arrive to classes or events as they start... nothing will change and you won't end up being friends anyways. This really sucks, and I hope things get better. We had a situation like this at my previous university, and I didn't end up befriending many people because of it. But you have to give it some time.
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