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  1. So, I just received an email from Florida University inviting me to a campus visit and that "We are excited that you have been admitted to our program, and we hope you can join us for this weekend". Prior to this, I have had no official acceptance or rejection letter. I checked the results board and it seems that 2 acceptances were given out early in February. They did ask me for my official transcripts to be sent a few weeks ago. I am extremely confused. I have already emailed them but it is 10pm at night in the states??!! Did anyone else receive a similar email from Florida University withou
  2. So Florida University just emailed asking for my Bachelor's certificate. Did anyone get that email as well? Or did everyone else attached one in the first place? ><
  3. Hi all. I recently graduated with a master's degree in Sociology and is looking to transition into Anthropology instead. This would be my last hurrah! >< PhD application is expensive and mentally exhausting. My hope is to get at least one fully funded placement.
  4. Rejected from Harvard. Conditions for U of Oxford's PhD program a bit too crazy for me. Yale and UPenn to go. DYING!!!
  5. I feel a bit like a prick for correcting you but Deborah Davis in Yale is doing Contemporary Chinese studies. In fact she is my best fit. She is amazing and her work was what inspired me to do what I do. Philip Smith and Jeffrey Alexander from Yale focusing on cultural sociology also influenced my choice of Yale because while I am interested in contemporary urban studies regarding Mainland China unmarried women in major cities (it gets real specific, so it is really hard for me to find someone that is with the same interest), I like to view and frame my research from a cultural sociological po
  6. Unfortunately, I have to agree on the bit about Master's Program accessibility.
  7. We are in the same position then. A year ago, I applied with only my undergrad from China (Central China Normal Uni), majoring in International Trade. Hi!
  8. Interest: Qualitative, Urban Sociology of China (Relationships, Women Studies), Overseas Chinese Studies, Education Undergrad: BBA International Trade (In China) GPA: 4.0 Masters: MSc Sociology (Uni of Oxford)-graduating Fall 2016 GRE: 159V 158Q 5.0 AW IELTS: 8.0 3 publications in peer-reviewed journals-sole authorship (2 business related though, only 1 is remotely sociology related) 2 more articles are under review (sociology related) Research experience: Involved in a think-tank group for public policy 1 conference (but doesn't matter cause the email of a
  9. So I know it is a bit early. This is my second round applying for PhD Sociology. I know that there are already some out there that is tearing their hair out (muah included) about waiting to hear back from admissions. So let's gather, hold imaginary virtual hands, and go through this nerve-wrecking waiting process together.
  10. Oh my god. You are fantastic. You should be an admission department advisor or something. I can imagine you running a company that goes "Making admission office great again!"
  11. I only started hearing from them around February/March the following year. Don't worry. I know it can feel daunting, but there is nothing else you can do but..forget about it.
  12. A MS degree in the States is generally much easier to get in compared to a PhD Program. I have a few friends that I have no idea how, got into several top tier schools for MS programs, but those that only applied to PhD programs, well, not so good for them. I reason that it is because there are more spaces and plus you are paying for it eh.
  13. So I will be starting my MSc in UK in October 2015 and graduate July 2016. So, should I apply for grad school in the states or even in UK on December 2015? Or on December 2016? I am afraid that if I apply on December 2015, I might not have enough time to know and get my professors to write my recommendation letters. What if I haven't had an exam or a transcript yet by the time I apply? Despite so, I would really like to enter PhD by end of 2016. However, if that is not a wise choice, I would apply on end of 2016 instead. Any opinions?
  14. This was the reply I got when I asked about funding - "I’m afraid all the departmental funding nominations have already been decided. You could look at the Fees and Funding section of the University Website but I doubt very much that anything will be available." After asking her about funding again, this was the reply I got- "I can also confirm that there is no available funding from the department." I know there are 3 kinds of funding. University-wide, College, and departmental funding. I am under the assumption that to qualify for all 3, is based on the nomination given by the department
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