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Start MSc in October 2015, graduate July 2016. When to apply for PhD?


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So I will be starting my MSc in UK in October 2015 and graduate July 2016. So, should I apply for grad school in the states or even in UK on December 2015? Or on December 2016?


I am afraid that if I apply on December 2015, I might not have enough time to know and get my professors to write my recommendation letters. What if I haven't had an exam or a transcript yet by the time I apply? Despite so, I would really like to enter PhD by end of 2016. 


However, if that is not a wise choice, I would apply on end of 2016 instead. Any opinions? 




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I was in a similar position last year, with my MSc from October 2014 to September 2015. I ended up applying to stay at my current institution in January 2015. That was before I got any results back. The first term's results became available a couple of weeks later and were used in the applications process anyway. Had I not gotten in, I might have applied to some European programs with later deadlines or taken a year out. I was not decided about that yet. Many course mates have ended up taking a year out anyway.

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