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  1. Hello everyone, I recently finished my PhD in US in June 2019. I applied for OPT in May and my F1 Visa expired in May as well. I had to travel back to my home country (India) in June after completion of my PhD. Expecting that the OPT will be approved in approximately 90 days I booked for visa appointment for August 22. Recently my OPT was approved but my EAD card will not come to me by August 22. So I have to book a new appointment or look for alternative. The current waiting times for visa appointment in India is more than 45 days. Considering the 90 days unemployment rule for OPT and th
  2. Hello everyone! I am also joining University of Delaware this fall in Physics Department (PhD program). I am both excited and nervous about what to expect since I have not visited the university. By the way I am an international student from India. I would like to know of any other Indian student who might also be joining University of Delaware this fall.
  3. Well I have been really patient about it...but I am really getting anxious about not hearing from other universities. I am anxiously waiting for UC Davis and Univ of Colorado Boulder result but haven't heard from them yet :-(
  4. Can some one share his knowledge/experience on this.... Waiting for the response...
  5. Hello everyone! I am an Indian student willing to do PhD in photovoltaics area. I am sure people on this forum could throw some light on this question: Good universities for Photovoltaics research? Since this is a multidisciplinary field and not many universities are even working on this, it is a little difficult to get this information. I have applied to the following universities: 1. UCSB - Materials Science & Engineering (Rejected) 2. UCSD - Materials Science & Engineering (Rejected) 3. Colorado School of Mines - Applied Physics (Accepted) 4. University of Delaware -
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