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  1. A PhD is a research degree, and even if you go on to become a lecturer, you are going to find it very hard to find a position that is specific enough to teaching social psychology. Usually lecturers don't get much of a choice in what they lecture.
  2. ratlab

    Newark, DE

    My opinions on all the apartments I saw (I'll try to post more info when I have time): Glen Eagle Village: Spacious one bedrooms for a great price ($850-$875 a month). Seemingly nice and somewhat private community as you go a bit deeper. Well maintained and landscaped. Get a fully renovated apartment as they’re pretty awesome for only $20 more a month (bigger bathrooms and new kitchen). Also has a really nice balcony and you can have cats. Only downside was that the management was a bit unprofessional, but really personable! Oak Tree Apartments: A tiny bit cheaper than Glen Eagle ($790-$885), but the apartments were not nearly as nice. They have no plans to renovate, so everything seemed a bit outdated. I also saw a lot of bad reviews online for bug complaints in Oak Tree. Same floor plan as an unrenovated Glen Eagle, but seems less well-maintained. Apts. at Pine Brook: Really professional and nice staff and very nice private community. The community had really beautiful landscaping. Rent is going to be $900-930 all included but electricity. Spacious and nice apartment, can have cats, had a “den” (basically a second bedroom). The only thing I didn’t like was that the carpet was orange-brown and really ugly (not to mention what kind of stains and dirt that carpet could hide). Colonial Garden Apartments: The apartments themselves were actually nice and spacious for about $835 a month, but the complex was filthy and didn’t have good security. There was a burrito spilled on the stairs going up to my apartment (it looked like it had been there awhile). Sketchy area as well (my mom got hit on by a creeper outside the apartment). Parking seemed like a real issue as well (limited spaces). But the proximity to campus was great. The leasing agent was pretty unprofessional. The Varsity Apartments: Really sketchy area, I didn’t even go into the apartments – they seemed a little run down from even the outside with no personal space. I don’t know the price either. Studio Green: I liked the single bedroom but for $930 a month it really isn’t a good deal (and it’s going to go up to $960 a month). All included in rent (even satellite and internet). Well maintained and friendly staff (also seemed to have pretty good security). The apartment was pretty darn small though compared to others on this list. Hope this helps!
  3. Because that gives you so much credibility? OP in my opinion you are being a bit exclusive, but I sort of understand why. Perhaps if you do spend more time with them it will decrease the social stress at the very least.
  4. ratlab

    Newark, DE

    Yeah I actually am checking out the following (probably a few more on a whim): Apts. at Pine Brook, Studio Green, Oak Tree Apartments, Glen Eagle Village, Colonial Garden Apartments, The Varsity Apartments. (probably will check out Conover, Rockwood, maybe a few others).
  5. ratlab

    Newark, DE

    I'm gonna be checking out lots of apartments on Tuesday, so let me know if you have any questions / wanna share apartment info! I'll try to remember to post my impression of places here.
  6. Hey everyone! Super excited to have committed to UDel psychology (behavioral neuroscience) PhD program next year! I absolutely adored them during the visit - everyone loved each other and the collaboration was awesome. Really hard decision as my other top choice was offering me a fellowship, but it just didn't feel like home quite as much as UDel did. Anyway, I am visiting again tomorrow as I am only an hour away. I was wondering if anyone else has committed to UDel yet (It's pretty early, but they acted fasted)!
  7. Forgot to update! Got accepted at Delaware, waiting for a post interview decision for Indiana, interview with Miami Ohio this week, and got invited to UConn for an in person visit. I'll try and remember to post like I said :-). Grats neuro fanatic!
  8. Congratulations! I'm in the exact same boat. Just got my offer, but I'm in behavioral neuro
  9. than* At least we'll have choices :-).
  10. I know how you feel. I just came home from an interview, and I loved so much about the program (and they loved me), but I think this one part of it might ruin it for me - I was certainly less excited coming home then going in.
  11. Your list is way too competitive for your stats (just being frank).
  12. look through the thread.. It's been said multiple times that UPenn sent all their invites a while back.
  13. ratlab

    Newark, DE

    Bump for the current prospective students
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