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  1. Western had our interview day yesterday (in addition, a couple of others who couldn't attend are interviewing next week).
  2. Haha wow, that's what I get for posting a couple (few) glasses of wine deep... I hope things turned out well for you, and you're on your way to no longer being a PhD wannabe.
  3. Western University had our interview day today if you're still wondering.
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies (and the congrats). I'm definitely down to two schools and won't be accepting any more interviews. It sounds like my fear of having an offer withdrawn is misplaced!
  5. The other school is very prestigious, and before I completely shut down the thought of accepting, I'd want to at least get the details of their potential offer. I'm also waiting to speak with a grad student at the school about her experiences. I suppose I'm afraid of being honest, and then the school I received an offer from saying "wait, I thought we were your top choice. Forget it, then." It's just a huge decision, and I don't want to make a knee-jerk reaction, even if I am 90% sure it's the right one.
  6. First off, this is a good problem to have . I was accepted to a school at the top of my list, and I'm absolutely delighted. I made it known during the interview that I thought the program would be ideal for me. However, I'm still waiting to hear back from another school I interviewed at, which is also very strong. Given the money I've put into applying, as well as the time spent on both sides of the table, I feel like I should wait to hear what the other school has to say before accepting the present offer (even though I'm pretty certain what my decision is). I don't want to come off as disi
  7. All good points, and I'd prefer to go. The problem is that getting out of work will be super difficult. If popular opinion is that this social is crucial to my chances, I'll do it. This school is my top choice, and I'm sure I want to go there, so it's less about determining a fit for myself and more about making sure I don't harm my chances by missing it.
  8. Thanks everyone. It would be difficult for me to get out of work, but not impossible. I should mention this is my second year in a row interviewing with this POI, so he's not unfamiliar with me. There seems to be a few unwritten rules when it comes to the application/interview process, so I don't want to commit a faux pas if it turns out I can't make the social event.
  9. At the conclusion of a clinical interview day I've been invited to, my POI is hoping to take me and the other candidates, as well as his graduate students, out for drinks. I'll be traveling a couple of hours to the interview, and I'm scheduled to work when I get home that evening. I could possibly find a way out of work if need be. What are your thoughts on the ramifications of missing this end-of-day event? Would it have any bearing on an admission decision?
  10. Congrats! I did as well. Western's interview day is next week, and Waterloo has progressed to face-to-face interviews as well.
  11. I was shortlisted yesterday for the clinical department's interview day, so you should hear soon.
  12. Thanks . I'm going to inquire about the possibility of having my acceptance extended to the clinical program - unlikely I'm sure, but I really don't stand to lose anything by asking since I'm planning on turning down the social offer anyway.
  13. Thanks for the good luck wish . In the bolded, are you saying that first year clinical courses are similar to first year social, so I should consider taking the offer and applying for a transfer after first year (rather than sitting the year out entirely?). I thought about how I wouldn't want to take someone else's spot that really has a passion for social, but my POI did tell me that she wasn't going to offer the acceptance to another candidate if I don't take it.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I do enjoy social research, but I feel clinical is the best option for me. I guess I'm afraid of turning down a perfectly good offer, only to be left with none next year (I know how competitive clinical programs are). I guess there may not be an easy answer here.
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