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  1. My advisor's grant funding is spotty right now, but I am guaranteed TA funding in my program. However, it sucks not knowing from quarter to quarter whether I'll be an RA or TA (although I can't really complain, since I know some grad students aren't funded at all). Mainly, I'd want the NSF for the time and freedom it will give me to do my research. The stipend increase is also nice, but not necessary (especially since I'm living in Seattle, where the cost of living can be ridiculous).
  2. There's no place to upload a CV. You need to list everything in the entry fields. I applied last year (before getting into grad school). I just picked my top school to put in the "Proposed University" field. It won't make a difference whether you get the grant, but they will list it on the website if you get the award/HM. I named all of my professors, especially those who were going to write me letters. I figured it would help reviewers connect my research experiences to those LOR. I didn't put the names of the specific labs though (not enough room!).
  3. I have several conference abstracts under review for presentation in March and April. You bet I'm putting them all down! You can write (forthcoming, 2015) or (under review, 2015) or something similar instead of the date.
  4. Hi everyone! I've been away from the boards since I got my disappointing "not funded" decision from NSF last April. Solid reviews (all VG), but not quite good enough, I guess. All the reviewers mentioned my lack of first-author publications, even though I wasn't in graduate school yet. I, along with my advisors. thought this was really bizarre. BUT I currently have a first-author manuscript under review, so I'm definitely writing about it in my statement! Hopefully they won't come after me for that this year, and I can get more helpful reviews on other aspects of my proposal. The good thin
  5. I slept on it, thinking that I would be less angry in the morning... nope. Still can't get over that my reviewers said that I lacked the publications to be competitive in this years pool. Many of them recognized that I'm not in graduate school yet, so I know they weren't misinterpreting my year. I had listed that I had two pubs in prep (now it's four, with three as first author), but I guess they wanted more? Even so, a second year grad student in my lab got HM and she doesn't have any pubs yet. Wtf. I think this was the thing that stopped me from getting Es in IM, because I know it wasn't my
  6. VG/VG VG/VG VG/VG Not recommended Reviewers seemed to take issue withe my lack of publications. I graduated undergrad less than a year ago and I'm not currently in grad school, so this hasn't really been feasible yet. Reviewers seem to think I'll be competitive in future cycles, once I have publications. There were also some comments about my broader impacts not being strong enough. Overall, pretty constructive reviews, although one reviewer said I was duplicating my advisors work (my advisors don't even do the research I'm doing, so I'm not sure how this is the case).
  7. Energy drinks + sleep deprivation + anxiety = ugh.
  8. Up to 600 viewers now. That was quick.
  9. Over 500 viewers on the thread! This is crazy!
  10. I might stick with the same thing. It would be feasible to do with my new graduate school advisor. But I could just as easily see myself doing something completely different, since her research is slightly different than what I wrote in my proposal. I proposed a cross-cultural study using funds from the NSF GROW program to collect data in Japan, so my proposal would really be contingent on me getting access to those funds.
  11. Eastern time here, but I'll try to stay awake! I already bought a few energy drinks in preparation. I figure I can last until 2AM.
  12. 1) Analyzing data. 2) Ate, slept, wrote, exercised. 3) http://whatshouldwecallgradschool.tumblr.com/post/67978317193/grant-accepted
  13. So now that we have to wait a little longer for the results, what are people thinking about their chances of getting an award? I've been told very conflicting things by my advisors and peers about the likelihood of me receiving an award. One of my advisors told me that students who apply before they're in graduate school have the least likely chance of getting funded (which, from what I understand, is untrue). My other advisor acted like I was a competitive applicant in an uncompetitive field (developmental psychology), and that I shouldn't get my hopes up because my field is rarely funded
  14. Could be next Tuesday morning.
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