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  1. I'm sure it varies from program to program but I was just wondering what everyone's experiences have been with the classwork in MSW programs (outside of practicum-related work). Do classes tend to be lecture or discussion based? Are you generally graded on papers or exams? How do MSW classes differ from undergrad classes? How much time do you spend on assignments outside of class? I know these are kind of mundane questions but I appreciate any insight you can give!
  2. Hey everyone! I'll be starting UT's Masters in Social Work program in the fall. Does anybody know of any good study spots or grad student hangouts around Austin?
  3. Just found out that I was accepted to UT Austin!!! It's my top choice so I will probably be attending. I was so worried that if I hadn't heard back yet, it could only mean bad news. Good luck to everyone, I hope you all hear back soon!
  4. I was just accepted to UT!!! (I found out from the My Status website, no email yet). It's my top choice so I will probably be attending. Good luck to you all!
  5. Congratulations!! That's so exciting, I'm glad to know schools are still sending out good news this late in the game. It gives me hope!
  6. So sorry about that cclasp, I hope you have good news from others soon!
  7. I got desperate and contacted the admissions office yesterday but only got the generic response that "most applicants should hear a decision 6-8 weeks after the Jan 15 deadline." But since some people found out as soon as two weeks after the deadline and some didn't hear till 10 weeks after in past years, I don't know how reliable this timeframe is. The 8 week mark is next week, so maybe we'll hear soon? Sighhh
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone! I went ahead and contacted them and got a very generic answer in response but at least I know nothing has caused a delay on their end.
  9. Is it considered taboo to contact a program to gain an idea of when you'll hear about a decision? I don't want to bother the admissions department because I know they're busy or somehow hurt my chances by asking, but I'm feeling desperate! Specifically, I'm waiting to hear back from UT Austin (the deadline was Jan 15). I know a couple people heard back in January but I haven't heard anything since. Advice?
  10. Has anyone heard any new news from UT yet? Looking at the results from last year, a lot of people heard back around this time but I haven't seen any updates since my status changed to "Forwarded to the Graduate Committee" last week. Ah this waiting is terrible!
  11. On their website, UT lists an email address that you can contact to talk to current students about their MSW program. I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for but it might help! "If you are interested in the MSSW program and want to get the perspective of a current student, get connected through our Dean’s Ambassador program by emailing ask-a-student@utlists.utexas.edu"
  12. I just got this update today too! Hopefully it means we've passed the first round. Here's a quote from the UT Austin website: "All complete applications are independently evaluated by members of the social work graduate faculty review committee and are then sent to the Assistant Dean for Master’s Programs for final review and recommendation. The Associate Dean/Graduate Advisor then forwards recommendations to the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies." I'm not sure how long it takes the Graduate Committee to review apps and make final decisions but hopefully we'll find out soon!
  13. I think the decision comes down to individual preference/situation. I'm applying straight from undergrad mostly because I know I would lose steam if I took time off before grad school. It sounds like others have the opposite reaction where they start to get burnt out by continuing straight to grad school from undergrad. I also couldn't find many job options that were appealing to me without having an advanced degree (since my undergrad is in psych) so that was another contributing factor. You could always apply in December and defer for a year (if the program allows) which will give you time t
  14. ^great info SocialWaiter! And I'm glad to hear you're also interested in UT. Hopefully we'll have good news soon
  15. Haha yeah sorry to be a creep, you are the one I'm talking about! So far I haven't seen anyone else applying to this program on these forums (which is strange, as you mentioned, since it's such a good program!). I didn't submit my app until January so maybe they're making decisions in waves? Although that seems strange to me since I didn't think they did rolling decisions. Maybe you're just a stellar applicant! But yeah, that's a tough choice to make, I've heard DU has a pretty great program too. Although I'm definitely biased towards UT as it's my top choice Are you interested in the
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