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California CSW license the "holy grail"?

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I had an interesting conversation last week with a program director at a reputable university. We started talking about licensing requirements in different states, etc. I live in California, and she said, "Oh! A license from CA is like the holy grail of licenses!" 


She explained that NY, TX and CA have the most rigorous licensing processes, and that licenses from those states will easily be accepted in any other state - but licenses from other states are NOT readily accepted in CA (she wasn't sure about TX and NY).


CA requires LCSWs from other states to jump through several hoops to obtain licensure in CA. The woman I spoke with said it was THE reason she left CA and moved to her current state. 


This is a list of requirements from the CA BBS:  http://www.bbs.ca.gov/app-reg/outofstate_lcs.shtml


I want to leave CA, so it's not a big deal. And I don't see myself returning here to work/practice. I have no idea if this is helpful to anyone, but just thought I'd share what I learned.



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I have heard this about TX.  My mentor from my MSW is from there and despite the fact that she is a full-time, tenure track professor who no longer practices, she has maintained her licensure in Texas.  If it lapses, she says, it would be a bear to get it back.

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