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  1. An MSW is an incredibly versatile degree. If you find a program that offers a community/economic development focus I doubt that you'd be involved in the clinical side of things at all. In fact, at my "non-brand name" university, some MSW students take graduate policy courses as electives, and that seems to work well. I strongly disagree with the statement that an MSW "degree is ultimately focused on direct service as a social worker." Not true. I went the macro (aging) route my MSW and the only time we delved into anything clinical was in one required course (individuals, families and gro
  2. http://www.sc.edu/uofsc/posts/2017/04/sarah_gehlert_named_social_work_dean.php#.WPzFn1LMyt- "...Gehlert was the E. Desmond Lee Professor of Racial and Ethnic Diversity at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU/WUSTL) and has been named dean of the University of South Carolina College of Social Work by Provost Joan Gabel. "Sarah's appointment comes at a time when we are further strengthening our university’s position as a state and regional leader in health science research and education," Gabel says. "I’m excited to have a scholar of her stature join the College of Social Work as
  3. It sounds like you've learned and grown from an experience that happened a long time ago, and that's what most programs will want to see. However, if the OTH happened as a result of physical or sexual assault, or any other behavior that could potentially harm a client, that could be a problem. I suggest you schedule an interview with your top choice and see what they say. Do the applications ask about military discharges? Also, have you looked into how this might affect licensure? All states ask about criminal convictions on licensure applications and make a determination based upon the o
  4. BunnyMeadows

    Columbia, SC

    I'm currently finishing a master's degree at USC in Columbia. I rent a nice 1950s bungalow (950 sf), 2 miles from campus, for $700/month (I got lucky, because the place should rent for about $850/mo). You may know there was a terrible flood here in October 2015 so if you rent a house in any of those affected areas be careful that there isn't hidden damage/mold. In the winter months, I keep my thermostat set to 67 during the day, 69 at night, and my electric bill is about +/- $150 per month. In the warmer months (late May through October), a/c drives that up to over $200/mo. Water is abou
  5. I couldn't possibly make a suggestion without knowing what your areas of interest are - clinical, macro, etc? Do you plan to continue on for a PhD? Is there a special population you enjoy - Veterans, Geriatric, Families, Women? Social work is so broad and many of the CSUs offer excellent programs - CSU Long Beach, CSUSF, CSULA, and I've heard CSU Sacramento is great for those interested in policy and government. You can always check here for program rankings.
  6. I attended an information session in November 2014 and the program wasn't yet accredited so be sure to check that. There was also some reason why students could not get financial aid - it may have been because it was considered "continuing ed." And, again, this was over two years ago, so maybe things have changed. With your GPA and experience, why aren't you considering a higher ranked program?
  7. Hey, I'm graduating from the U of SC's MSW program (in Columbia) in May 2017 and have been very happy with the program. The program has different specialties (aging, children, youth and families, military, health/mental health and military). Our faculty is top-notch, we are in a beautiful, newly restored historical building, the campus is literally across the street from the State House, and many out-of-state MSW students receive paid graduate assistantships - the pay is about $300/month but students with a GA also receive in-state tuition and a discount on student health insurance.
  8. If you don't want to work in mental health, with clients, don't go the micro/clinical route! I graduate from the U of SC MSW program in May and I'm on the macro track - my focus is on aging. I hope to get involved in aging policy (with the number of baby boomers this is a huuuuuge area). If you are interested in policy, I urge you to consider a dual-degree program. Lots of universities are offering them now. My school has three year dual degree programs - MSW/MPH and MSW/MPA. A couple of my professors are involved in policy, and have told me that no one hires social workers for that anym
  9. Just want to let you know that I'm at the "original" USC - University of South Carolina (founded in 1801). I'll graduate from the MSW program in May 2017. The program offers a military focus (and a certifcate called "Military Matters"). I decided on U of SC because my focus is aging, and there is a specialization track for that, as well as a multi-disciplinary gerontology certificate. I know students who are doing field placements at the VA (some, I believe are paid) and they love it. I'm currently taking a military social work class as an elective and I enjoy it. I was living in Califor
  10. I just checked my application for 2015, and I submitted it on 1/15/15. It may have been in the actual application itself. In general, the sooner the better. Especially for financial aid/scholarships. I urge you to get the applications in as soon as you possibly can if it's rolling admissions.
  11. One comment on the GRE - my program at South Carolina does not require it, BUT if I wanted to do a dual degree, say MSW/MPH or MSW/MPA, those colleges do require GRE and the overall score may matter. I realize this won't apply to most people, but just thought I'd mention it.
  12. Hi there - I was offered an assistantship a month ago (I applied for when I submitted my application for admission). It provides in-state tuition, and a small stipend, in exchange for 7.5 hours of work per week with a faculty or staff member. I was also offered loans. If you're in GA, you may qualify for tuition reciprocity (?) I suggest you get your field paperwork in asap - when I was there on Monday I was told that the sooner the better, because students admitted earlier have already done it. I plan to attend the 6/12 orientation, too. I am very energized by the department
  13. After applying to 7 programs (and accepted at 6), I finally decided to attend the U of South Carolina. I am just returning from an eight day trip to Columbia, and I am SO HAPPY with my decision. Everyone from the Dean on down has been extremely welcoming, receptive, and kind - really going out of their way to be helpful. I'm interested in macro practice, and Columbia is a state capital, which I hope means opportunities for policy wok at some point. There is plenty to do in the area, and I rented an amazing little 3 bdrm house (cottage, really) in a great neighborhood, with a nice back
  14. You can also check the social work licensing board, in the state where you plan to be licensed. They will probably have a list of offenses that would prevent you from being licensed. I believe most will relate to theft, harming minors, assault of any kind, DUI, etc. Otherwise, I don't think they will care. Looking into expungement is fine, but I have a friend who is an attorney for the CA Secretary of State, and she tells me that when people apply for professional licenses, and to become notaries, convictions still show up (even after they have been expunged).
  15. Do you have your field placement all lined up? I took care of that while I was in town this last week so I'm all set. I also found an adorable rental house, met some cool people, and am impressed with Columbia. The campus is SO gorgeous, and everyone was so friendly, kind, and helpful. I can't wait to leave California and get back to SC!
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